What is the easiest way to play rummy card game online?

Rummy is the coolest card game to play with friends and family. This game is all about forming a valid hand with the least points. The best way to enjoy Indian rummy these days is to play the game online. Playing offline version is so passé. Indian rummy is a 13 card game that is played throughout India. It is also referred to as Paplu. It is a draw and discards game that has been the favourite among Indian audiences for generations. Thought to have roots in India, the game’s s popularity is now on a big surge post digitization of all card games.

Rummy is a game that offers a lot of fun and entertainment. Rummy is a skill-based card game. So, once you start playing and get used to the game, your chances of winning increase. As you enhance your skills with practice winnings could follow soon. In order to win more consistently, you have to grasp the rummy rules and master how to play rummy games online.

The transition of the traditional 13 card rummy game to an online platform has made it possible for card game enthusiasts to enjoy the game any time they wish. Platforms like Deccan Rummy are always abuzz with the presence of rummy players across different parts of our country. You can simply register in our portal for free. All you need is a mobile number and a valid email ID to play this wonderful card game on our platform. Now, we will see how to play the game on our platform.

Steps to Play Rummy Card Game at Deccan Rummy

⦁ Players are seated around at a table. 13 Cards are distributed to each player and the toss determines which player will be making his first move

⦁ Players can sort the cards using the auto-sort feature

⦁ The player during his turn either picks the card from the open deck or closed deck to build his sets and sequences

⦁ The above turns continue till a player declares meeting the objective of melding his 13 cards

⦁ The player who met the objective must keep the final discard in the finish slot and click on declare. If the submit is valid he wins the game else he loses

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