The Evolution of Rummy Card Game in India

Even before the arrival of rummy card game, games with playing cards were incredibly popular in India. Mughal emperors had certain card games  played within the royalty. In due course of time, the practice of playing card games spread to the masses.

Very soon multiple card games emerged in India and it became a part of the lifestyle of millions of Indians. Now, of all the card games, no other game enjoys as much popularity as rummy. Indian rummy game is a regular feature during Indian festivals and other gettogethers.

Origin of Rummy Card game

Rummy game traces back to conquain origin from mexico several centuries ago. As countries started trading, the game spread to several countries and took its own form blending with the local culture and norms.

Indians have also been receptive to games from abroad. Just like other games (cricket), rummy was absorbed into the Indian culture and evolved to become Indian rummy, played with 13 cards. Though, the timeframe of when the game arrived in India is unknown, it is widely believed that Indian rummy came to India during the initial stages of british occupation.

Rummy Card Game

Rummy game in household

No festival celebrations in INdian families end without a session of rummy. The idea behind it is to strengthen family bonds and improve relationships.

Rummy is a great time to spend free time and relax. People can get rid of their stress and anxiety by playing this game regularly. Also, with just 2 people enough to play the game, finding a partner is no big deal. It is the main reason why Indians prefer this game for entertainment as it does not require elaborate arrangements.

Evolution of Online Rummy Game

Now with the improvement of technology, just like activities like paying bills, gaming has also moved online. Even people who had no prior exposure to rummy can now easily learn how to play rummy online.

Sites like Deccan Rummy incentivize players by providing multiple winning opportunities with various tournaments and promotions. As the game is simple to learn and very rewarding, multiple players from all walks of lives register and play in our platform. With multiple rummy variants to choose, you are in for an absolute blast.

If you like to enjoy rummy game on the move, you can perhaps download rummy mobile app for your handheld gadgets and enjoy hardcore gaming experience. As soon as you register and verify your mobile number, you will get practice chips using which you can gain some experience on our practice tables. The more you play, the more are your chances to gain new insights about rummy strategies and increase your chances of winning.

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