Facts about online gaming

Online gaming is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global arena. The revenue the industry generates is a record-breaking number every year. The industry globally had earned a gain of 21.1 Billion US Dollars in 2020. The 2020 revenue is 21% more than the previous year record. There are many more facts that you must know; read below.


The number of gamers in the industry is increasing day by day. Almost 2.7 Billion players have played in 2020 alone. With nearly half of the 2021spent in the covid lockdown phase, the number is expected to be increased drastically.

Average gamer age

The myth that gaming is for children is no more truth. The average age of a gamer is 34, which proves people across ages play the game. This generation is exposed to online games much earlier; hence the situation likely helps people grow along with games. Another fact regarding online games is that more than 30% of the gamers are aged more than 50.

Female gamers

There is a misunderstood fact that the industry has only male gamers. But the real fact is that 45% of the gamers and 46% of the purchases made in the gaming industry are female gamers. Profile personalisation options available in the games help female gamers connect well with the game.

Chinese market

China is one of the biggest gaming in the world. In 2018, the Chinese video game market generated more than 27$ billion. In recent years, India has been one of the top countries in the global online gaming arena.

Smart device users

Almost 70% of mobile/tablet users are online gamers. Smartphones have played a huge role in the growth of the online gaming industry. With smartphone and budget-friendly data plans available, there’s an opportunity for everyone to play online games.


You would think First Person Shooter games would top the most loved gaming genre. But in reality, 62% of players love puzzle and brain games, followed by adventure and shooter games. In the Women gamers, category 72% of gamers prefer puzzle games, and in the men’s category, it is 52%.


People would have experienced the VR effect in movies, but it’s now time for you to enjoy gaming. The experiment is a success and has a very bright chance of reaching every player in the industry.

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