Facts about rummy card games

Rummy card games

Card games have always been a part of our lives, and rummy games have always been the dynamic of all. With the advent of online gaming technology, the traditional rummy games are now available online to play, especially since Rummy is legal. Here are a few fun facts about the rummy card games that you must know:

  • Rummy is known to be the 3rd most popular card game across the globe. In the web world, it is the highest played card game.
  • In the earlier days owning a deck of cards was something only the rich and elite could afford. With the popularity of Rummy card games nowadays, everyone can afford to buy a deck of cards.
  • The cards that we use now to play card games have evolved to the current state after many modifications. They were initially handmade and each card was painstakingly painted. The evolution of paper and printing techniques is what has made the packs of cards so easily available.
  • The origin of Rummy has been a disputed issue ever since it gained popularity. Some believe it originated from the Spanish card game, Conquian while others say Rummy came from a French variant of Poker. It is also believed that Rummy may have come from the Chinese game of Mahjong, played with tiles rather than cards.
  • There are more than 20 variations of Rummy card games and more than a hundred local versions.
  • ‘Rum’ is a common slang in the UK which means ‘odd’ or ‘peculiar’. When the card game was first introduced, it was associated with the slang ‘rum’ signifying that the game was unusual or odd.
  • It is believed that Rummy was previously played for the alcoholic drink, Rum. The one who lost would need to buy the next round of drinks for the table.
  • The game requires mental agility to win, as one needs to remember the cards being discarded or picked from the pile by the opponents. Regularly playing the game tends to develop the ability to remember facts. It has been discovered that playing rummy requires mental dexterity that will help you in absorbing and retaining more facts
  • Rummy is not a gambling game and, therefore, it is legal in many countries due to the skill factor involved.
  • Jack: If you take a closer look at the Jacks from each of the suits you will find that each has a subtly different hairdo. Only Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts sport a mustache. Each holds something different in their hands. Their heads are turned at different angles.

 Rummy card games

  • Queen: An interesting thing about the design of the cards is that the queen of diamonds is the only one among the four queen cards that have a slight smile.The Queen of Hearts has a melancholy look on her face, while the Queen of Spade and Queen of Clubs look a bit stern. All four carry flowers, but only the Queen of Spades has a scepter.

Rummy card games

  • King: If you look closely at the Kings you will find the king of spade and club hold swords, while the king of hearts and diamonds have a weapon behind their head.With the King of Diamonds, you will observe that he is holding an axe instead of a sword. The King of Diamonds is also the only one-eyed king and he is the only king without hands. All three Kings other than the King of Hearts have a mustache.

Rummy card games

  • The Aces: Have you ever closely examined the Ace of all suits? And of all the suits, the Ace of Spades is always designed differently from other suits. Its original design basically displays that tax on the manufacture of cards has been paid, and this tradition continues till date.

Some Witty Facts about Rummy Card Games

  • Today, drinking rum or any other alcoholic drinks are not part of the rule set of rummy.
  • Rummy is not the favorite game of the Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Rummy is not served in kegs.
  • Bacardi did not invent rummy.

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