Striking Features of Deccan Rummy Mobile App

Rummy has been at the forefront of the online gaming space in India for sometime. Having been a popular game already even before the advent of the internet, it did not have much problem to reach the masses after digitization of traditional gaming in websites and mobile app.

Being a popular choice among skill games available in India, Rummy is a draw-and-discard game where the objective is to create sets and sequences with the 13 cards dealt with. As a skill game, it requires cognitive skills such as memory power, proactive thinking, and calculative approach.

A lot of players these days are playing online games from their mobiles. So it is evident that mobiles devices are the future platform for gaming. Rummy games which were initially made available through websites and softwares, are now available as easy to install mobile apps. Open playstore or AppStore, there are loads of rummy apps available.

Deccam Rummy Mobile is one of the most downloaded rummy apps in Playstore. With over 5 million users, we are one of the leading players in the Indian rummy segments. Unlike other apps, our mobile is not hard on your device and does not occupy much space. You can download the app for free and enjoy having an immersive gaming experience. Talking about mobile apps, here are the striking features of Deccan Rummy Mobile app that seperates it from numerous other apps available in the market.

Deccan Rummy Mobile App Features

1. Seamless Gaming Interface

The user friendly gaming interface makes this app suitable for gamers at all level. Deccan Rummy mobile app offers seamless rummy experience with its faster gameplay and unique features. This app enable users to play all rummy variants and tournaments from anywhere and at any time. Compete with real time players and enjoy a immersive gaming experience.

2. Safe and Secure

One of the major concerns of the rummy players is the safety feature offered by the game provider. But you don’t have to worry; our platform is trusted by more than 5 million players. Our app is encrypted end-to-end and SSL secured. All the personal information that you enter is safe and completely confidential. You do not have to worry about data breaches and leakage, thanks to stringent security procedures in place. We deploy hi-tech tools which detects any unfair gaming practices. Therefore, there is virtually no chance for any kinds of malpractices.

3. Notification and Updates

You will receive notification and updates about any new changes in the site. All you have to opt in to receive announcements from our end to get real time updates. Furthermore, you will receive notifications for any new tournaments or offers that we update instantly.

4. Casino Experience

Most of us would like to visit a casino at some point of lives. Unfortunately, we do not have much access to it in India. We worked to create a virtual casino experience. Also, the simple, intuitive touch interface of our mobile app makes rummy gaming more lively.

If you’ve not yet downloaded and joined the growing rummy community, now is the time! Don’t delay any further! Download our Free Rummy app for Android and enjoy a magical gaming experience.

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