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Since the Corona Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, the entertainment quotient of people has largely been restricted online. With the outdoor entertainment industry taking a heavy hit, the biggest benefactor has been the online gaming and entertainment industry. Among those, Online rummy has emerged as a popular source of entertainment these days. Availability of the game in a ready form with rich features has drastically contributed to the rise of online rummy. Just like the phenomenal growth in the number of online rummy sites, the number of rummy apps has increased drastically too.

As nearly everyone owns a smartphone, many players prefer their gaming through mobile apps. You can play cash games and rummy tournaments through our mobile app and win loads of real money in prizes.

Features of Deccan Rummy Mobile

Seamless Gaming Interface

Our mobile app comes with a smooth gaming interface. You will find everything that you need to have a terrific gaming experience. Just get seated at the table and see the feel the magic of playing rummy with live players.

Fast Loading Tables

With nearly zero load time, you can quickly jump into cash rummy tables and tournaments of your choice and have an opportunity to win real cash prizes anytime.

Simple Dashboard

Our user lobby is very simple and self-explanatory that you will not have any kind of trouble navigating through various options. It is not just convenient but also provides tonnes of fun.

No Intrusive Ads

You can enjoy the rummy games and tournaments on our robustly built platform without any distraction. Just focus on the gaming experience without the trouble of intrusive ads or banners.

Exclusive Promotions

Get exclusive access to multiple promotions specific to mobile-app users. With exciting contests such as Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza and RFL 2021, it’s the best time to enjoy rummy games on the fly with amazing winning opportunities. Double the cricket with these exciting promotions.

Enjoy Rummy Variants

Enjoy playing multiple rummy variants with real players all over India. We offer multiple rummy variants including Points, Deals, and Pool Rummy and cash/free rummy tournaments. Pick a variant that you want to play and get started.

Safe and Secure

Our Platform is 100% Safe and Secure and also RNG Certified. Our platform is certified by InfySec for Fairplay. Our payment gateways are secured with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which ensures complete security for your payments.

So, do not wait any further, download our features rich free rummy app and get started!

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