Fifa Vs Rummy – The battle of skill games

Strategy is defined as the action plan to achieve a goal. Any person in this world need a perfect strategy, in simple words “plan”, to achieve success regardless of the profession they are in. The human race couldn’t have reached such luxurious life without any strategy. Be it the government, be it gaming, be it an engineer, everybody needs a plan to work things out.

We are going to look on two important games that need strategy to cross the line. Online Rummy and football are them. 


Do you think does scoring goal need strategies to build? Definitely yes! There needs a lot of planning to bring the ball from one end to another end. There a lot that a team coach teaches off the field. In fact, the off field class material is the trail for the success on field. Only planning could be a saviour in the game of football. Ask any football player about planning, they would definitely agree that they enter the game field with multiple strategies in mind. Even during the match, the manager of the team does feed in instant ideas to the team to help the save the game. In football, players could easily find out the opponent’s game play by referring their previous match videos.


A perfect example of skill game. There is no winning without strategies and when there is no strategy you cannot add the winner tag to your profile. Rummy needs a great mental strength to win home rewards. The Card game is a great test to one’s mind. Players got read their opponents’ game. Unlike football, in Rummy it is tough to analyse a player’s previous game records and the game isn’t a team game, things depend only on a player’s rummy skills. It’s a one man show in the Rummy tables.

Only the rules of the game are mentioned in the rule book. It is entirely on your gaming ability whether you win or lose. Apply the rules practically, and make your journey unforgettable. Spontaneity is one quality that skill game players always have. Spontaneous decisions and presence of mind are the tools that could help your game. 

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