Finish with 8 of diamonds and win an exciting bonus!

Deccan Rummy is a destination that is meant for people who consider themselves as the Proof online rummy. Whether you want some hardcore rummy action or want to avail exceptional rummy promotions, our website has everything to offer, a rummy lover would expect. Deccan Rummy is famous for a lot of things and daily rummy promotions are just one of them. If you have been playing online rummy in our platform for some time, chances are that you might have already won some prizes.

Eight of Diamonds

At Deccan Rummy, we see to it that we always bring the best online rummy promotions for both new and experienced players. We want our players to ensure they benefit the maximum from our promotions and also at the same time we don’t want to make it complex. That’s the reason most of our promotions are pretty simple and straightforward.

We have brought some promotions in the past that will not only test your skills but will also make you come up with a unique strategy to ensure you avail the promotions. In the same vein, we have stitched together an exciting promotion that you can avail just for tomorrow and the day after.

Finish with 8 of Diamonds

Want to spice up your rummy action with an exciting promotion? Here’s the one for you. Finish the game with 8 of diamonds and get a surprising reward.

Date: Nov 21-22

Time: Nov 21, 3:00PM – Nov 22, 12:00PM

Prize: 10% Booster Bonus on the winning amount.

How does the offer work?

In order for a successful declare, after you complete melding the 13 cards into proper sets and sequences as per the objective, you have to discard a card in the finish slot and declare as per the rules. Our system will verify your melds and then will announce you as the winner. In this promotion, the finishing card has to be 8 of diamonds. Just ensure you build melds properly and use 8♢ as the finishing card while declaring. Apart from your winning amount, you will get an additional 10% booster bonus on what you win.

Eg: Make sure you meld like A♥-2♥-3♥-4♥| 5♢-6♢-7♢ | 5♦-5♠-5♣ | J♠-J♦-J♣, after creating this set, make sure you have 8♢ as the last card. Plan your game accordingly.

So, mark the dates, enjoy yourself on our tables, finish with eight of diamonds and grab the winning amount!

If you have got a suggestion or feedback on Deccan Rummy or on the gameplay and promotions, we are always ears to hear from you. Please mail us at, we will get back to you at the earliest.

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