Five activities that are ruining our productivity


With modern lifestyle we have a demanding schedule. Though we try to keep our schedule in tact, a lot of activities hinder our schedule and it goes astray. With so many distractions impeding our productivity, it’s quite difficult to even identify the activities which do so. The worst part is we carry out those activities inadvertently without even realizing it. Identifying the activities which act as distractions and limiting them interrupting our schedule should be our top priority. Also, we need to substitute these activities with other works to help our cause.

In this post, we shall the 5 activities which come in our way not allowing us to perform to our full potential and the substitutes for the same.

Five activities that affect our productivity

1. Fixating on one issue

True to the adage Don’t Put All your Eggs in One Basket”, which means one should not out all their efforts and resources in one area as they run the risk of losing everything. A lot of us are quite fixated on a certain issue and waste our time and resource on it. Even if we are good at that thing, it closes the door on learning other activities. It’s important to learn to multitask as the modern schedules are very demanding and requires person to do more than a single task at a time.

2. Spending Time on Unproductive activities

We do splurge our time on unproductive activities like binge watching movies or series. While our entertainment quotient is fulfilled, but it comes at the expense of loss of some other useful activity. If you’d invest half the time we spend on binge watching on learning a course online or playing skill games online like 13 card Rummy or Poker, it would sharpen our mind. Also, there’s a big earning potential in games like Indian Rummy Online and Online Poker.

3. Excessive Planning and overthinking

While planning is paramount for any activity as it gets organized, it should be done in a way that it doesn’t hamper the flow. There’s no point in spending too much time to draft a perfect plan. Action speaks louder than words. Finish your plan as soon as possible and get into action. Endless planning will take you nowhere and will not help your productivity anyway.

4. Too Much smartphone usage

It is true that smartphones have become indispensable part of our lives. That doesn’t mean we will have to stare at smartphones constantly. Most people do take time from their work to check their social media profiles or watch a video for a moment or two. But 10 minutes turn to hours together, and we end up wasting our precious time. There’s no use about lamenting about lack of time when we waste our hours simply checking our smartphones every two minutes. Turn off your notifications on WhatsAPP, TikTok, and Other Social Media accounts as they eat your time without any productivity.

5. Working With the Television On

Having distractions like television in the background does no good to our productivity. Good work happens only when you find your flow-in with your utmost focus and concentration. Having a noisy background disturbs your focus and there’s no way you would be able to give your 100% effort into the task. So, why even do it in such places? Turn down your music player or television running in the background. If you desperately need to be away from the work place, turn your monitors off and take a walk around a place and relax over a cup of coffee.

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