Five Online card games to play any time

Card Games have been a great source of entertainment for the players throughout the world. As the entertainment methods have largely been confined indoors these days, people look to online card games as they are not only exciting pass time but also a money-spinner. In the medieval days, card games were considered to be played only by the elite class. In modern times, everybody has access to these games.

play rummy any time

Games like Poker and Rummy are at the forefront of the gaming revolution these days. A lot of youngsters take up playing online card games as a professional career as it has the potential to generate more income than your regular day paying job. Now that these games are available on the mobile app, you can take them wherever you move. In this post, we will share a few games which have been extremely popular among the Indian card game enthusiasts.

Popular online card games

1. Poker

Poker is the most popular variant of online card games worldwide. It is a game that is predominantly based on skill. Players’ mental abilities and their problem-solving skills are put to the ultimate test. Betting is intrinsically a part of the game. Players with advanced poker strategies get to win the game despite chance playing a minor role. Gone are the days where you will have to visit a casino to enjoy poker. Now poker game is available at the touch of a finger from your smartphones. Players can participate in various online games and tournaments and win big from the whopping prize pool up for grabs

2. Rummy

It’s an exciting game where the players have to group the cards into proper sets and sequences. Though different versions of the game are available, it is Indian rummy which is quite popular. Rummy is inching closer to poker in terms of popularity. Indian rummy with its multiple variants, different structures, and tournaments, has created a cult following in the Indian gaming community. The development in technology has enabled rummy websites to provide the users with a solid gaming interface with which players can enjoy the game fair and square.

3. Bridge

Originating from the Russian card game Biritch, Bridge dates back to the 18th century. Over the years, the game has undergone several changes. The rules of the game are a bit complex thus restricting their reach. Internationally, several competitions and tournaments are conducted and a lot of players from various parts of the world participate in it.

4. Teen Patti

As the name indicates, the game is a three-card game. Unlike games like poker and rummy where skills play a major role, in Teen Patti the element of chance plays a big role. However, it hasn’t stopped card game enthusiasts from trying the game through various card game portals.

5. Solitaire

Perhaps this is the only online card game that you can enjoy playing alone. The game involves sorting the cards in a particular way. Coming as a pre-loaded game in every version of windows, the game is already familiar to most of the Indian gamers. It’s not unusual to watch gamers play solitaire in their work location as a refreshment. Today, there are several versions of the solitaire game that the players can play.


The growing popularity of online card games like rummy and poker can be seen from hundreds of sites that have mushroomed in the recent past. It’s quite easy to start as most of the sites offer free registration and entice the users with attractive welcome bonus offers. Additionally, they have a host of free rummy online tournaments and online card games that come with a big prize pool, running throughout the day. If you are someone with an inclination towards card games, then you should not miss on this zeitgeist and make hay while the sun shines!

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