Four Common Mistakes Rummy Newbies commit

Rummy is a simple card game with easy rules that are easy to understand and grasp. That’s one of the main reasons rummy card game developed a cult-like following in India. A lot of gaming enthusiasts jump into the rummy bandwagon every day with the aim of making it big – thanks to the alluring offers and promotions, online rummy sites come up all the time.


Anyone can play the rummy card game as you do not need to possess any special skills to play the game. However, a lot of players are overzealous and in pursuit of making it big, do a few mistakes and suffer huge losses. In this post, we highlight a few mistakes committed by newbies and ways to rectify them.

Four Common Mistakes

1. Do not play during a tilt

Do not play rummy continuously when you take a hit; As you play to avenge your defeats, the negative emotions clouds over your judgment skills and you suffer even more losses. Take a break and indulge in things that interest you other than rummy. A good break away from the game would help you to regain focus and get back into the groove.

2. Bluffing every hand

Bluff is a brilliant move in rummy. It’s an art of deceiving your opponent with cards best known to you. Ask any successful rummy player, he/she would mention how bluff has played an integral part in their success. However, it must be used sporadically in the game depending on circumstances. If you start bluffing in every move, your opponents can easily guess your style of play and beat you with your own game. Bluffing every hand would you predictable and vulnerable.

3. Hesitant to try out new strategies

Rummy is a mind-sport where the outcome depends on your mental skills. That said, it’s not possible to win each and every match in rummy. Some people out of the fear of losses hesitate to try out a new style of gameplay and stick to the tested formula. That will not work out in the long term. A good rummy player makes sure his rummy strategies keep evolving with games. Even if you lose, try analyzing your failures, you can always learn from your mistakes.

4. Fix a budget

It’s very important you fix a limit for your rummy habit every month. We advocate fixing a budget limit so as to prevent you from overspending on the game. When you are a winning spree, it’s quite natural that you want to make the most out of it. So, in these times, you tend to play with more than what you could afford and there is a chance that you may lose everything. Fixing a budget limit would not only ensure you do not overspend but will also ensure you don’t develop an addiction towards the game.

These are some of the common mistakes rummy newbies make. Once you take notice of it, you can earnestly work on your game not to repeat these mistakes. Mind-boggling cash prizes and gifts are just a step away, once you finetune your rummy strategies. Rummy game download is just a step away – Download Deccan Rummy Mobile and enjoy rummy on the move. See you at your tables! Happy Playing!

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