Four big games for 2021!

The year 2021 is just less than two months old. There’s a list of games that could be the best addition to your 2021 schedule. This year’s calendar is going to be super fun than the normal. Mobile gaming is an elite experience in recent times. 

Let’s look at the list of super cool games for the calendar year, 

1. Online Rummy 

Rummy has been played across the country for over decades. The craze for the game is never-ending. The card game symbolises celebration in Indian society. You could easily spot people playing card games at any functions. The same is happening in the digital arena. With online rummy sites, providing 24*7 access to the users to play 13-card Indian rummy. People can play for cash and free, but the end result is that people can earn unbelievable cash rewards and other kinds of rewards. Rummy fans are more impressed with the online platform as the experience is completely different and amazing. Cash games, rummy tournament, rummy leaderboard and many more rummy promotions keep the players engaged and don’t make them feel empty. 

2. Grand theft Auto V 

The game that sold for 20 million copies in 2020- the best ever sale since the launch in 2013. There’s a lot of expectations on the sale in 2021. Rockstar North developed the action game. The major fanbase for the games is school kids. They love the unlimited access to vehicles, weapons and challenging tasks for survival. With no limit to the daily usage, the game was a great companion during the lockdown last year. The game’s popularity has risen tremendously in the last year; the effect is expected to continue in 2021. 

3. Free fire 

The game has been much-repeated in the list in recent times. Like grand theft auto V, free fire also had the best of years in 2020. The battle royale game has been creating and breaking new records in the gaming industry. Innovative gameplay setup, impressive graphic specifications, and better online gaming experience make the game the best. The last standing player is the winner so right from the first second until the last the excitement is above bars. Many celebrities have been on the players’ list, there have been many references in movies, hence proving its popularity. 

4. Fortnite 

Another battle royale game in the blog. Developed by Epic Games in 2017, the game has a rousing welcome worldwide in recent times. Different gaming modes, spice up the gaming experience for the player. When you play the game with a set of unknown players and fight against them to become the last player standing is a real challenge. People may think that there’s a lot of violence involved in the concept, but things are too cartoonish making things enjoyable. 

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