It’s time for Rummy Bonus!

The game of rummy is one of the most exciting things in the online gaming world. The online version of the game is far different from the offline version. Several elements have been added to the online form of gaming. There are several online rummy sites in India running successfully, like Deccan Rummy. Online Rummy is all about fun elements like a rummy bonus, rummy tournaments and rummy leaderboards.

Moreover, in the online platform, the games are available 24*7, making it very easy for the players to access the game at their convenience. Sites like Deccan Rummy have enormous benefits to the players. The site has huge rummy bonus promotions for each and every player in the hub. Let’s check on the bonus active now,

Deccan Bounty

Use “COOL10” during deposit to claim a bonus of 10% up to Rs 500. The offer is valid from Nov 23-30. Such bonuses are available with new bonus codes every week. The bonus can be used only once on any one of the deposits made during the period.

Novel November

This is another bonus active now. The bonus can earn you an add on benefit worth 15% up to Rs 750. Like the bounty bonus, the monthly bonus can also be used in any one of the deposits.

Head to the promotions page on the Deccan Rummy site to know about many more rummy promotions available on the site.

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