How to get Deccan Rewards?

Deccan Rewards is a reward available exclusive to players who play cash rummy games. Many players have doubts on how to make use of our Deccan Rewards features. For their convenience, we have given the step-by-step procedures on how to avail it.

Deccan Rewards

Deccan Rewards

Deccan Rewards

  1. Login to your account
  2. After Logging in, click on Deccan Rewards tab from where you can find 3 features – Surprise Spins, Bonus Badges, and View Tickers.
  3. Surprise Spins reward has a spin wheel that is accessible for cash games players solely. Players can utilize it to receive an unexpected bonus. After the players spin the wheel they will be a definite bonus. The players will receive their bonus amount in bonus points.
  4. With the Bonus Badges feature, real money rummy players can expect a surprise reward. Cash rummy players will get a surprise bonus code which they can utilizing while making a deposit to their account with this code. Players will receive a notification about this surprise bonus immediately after its credit. You can avail this bonus code within next 7 days. Players need to more cash rummy games to get this surprise bonus
  5. View Tickets is the place where players receive tickets for their activities inside our website. The activities range from depositing, winning consecutive games or playing in a particular table. DeccanRummy often conducts special ticket tournaments where the players get an entry through the tickets. The tickets for such tournaments are credited here. After the ticket is credited, you will be receiving a notification. You can then book your place in the tournament using this ticket. Just like the surprise bonus code, this ticket has an expiry and a purpose. Players cannot use the ticket of one tournament to get an entry in another tournament. Alternatively, there is also a provision to buy the tickets for these tournaments in some instances. Players can click on buy ticket button using which they can complete the purchase. Please note that not every ticketing tournament comes with a buy ticket option.

Contact us

If you have any clarifications about Deccan Rewards, do not hesitate to drop a mail to Alternatively, you can also contact us using the 24/7 chat assistance

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