How to earn Leaderboard Points?

The Leaderboard contests hosted at Deccan Rummy includes a built-in leaderboard points system that encourages the players to compete with each other for gaining leaderboard points. The standings in the leaderboard contest are based on the number of leaderboard points players secure.

What are leaderboard points?

Leaderboard Points are the points specific to leaderboard contests that you can obtain by playing cash rummy games. Every cash rummy game that you play will fetch you some points regardless of winning or losing.

How are leaderboard points calculated?

As mentioned, players can earn these points regardless of the outcome of the game they play. The formula used to determine the number of leaderpoints  points awarded to a player (in the top 15% of finishers) for any given tournament is:

For a win, Leaderboard Points = Winning Amount/100

For a loss, Leaderboard Points = Losing Amount/200


  1. If you play a Rs. 1000 cash game and win Rs. 800 then your points are calculated as 800/100 = 8 points
  2. If you lose a Rs. 1000 cash rummy game, your losing amount would be Rs. 900 (after rake fee deduction), here you will secure Rs. 900/200 = 4.5 Points

Always Focus on winning more cash games so that you always stay at the top.

In order to check the leaderboard points you have secured, follow the below steps

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Leaderboard Tab
  • Check the number of points you have earned in the right end at the top of the leaderboard

What are the benefits of Leaderboard points?

Rummy Leaderboard contests are always exciting. The main objective of any leaderboard contests is to win a maximum number of cash rummy games so that you lead the table at all times. Most of the leaderboard contests hosted at Deccan Rummy come with an awesome and enviable prize package. Winning a leaderboard contest boosts your reputation in the rummy community by leaps and bounds. DeccanRummy hosts different types of leaderboard contests throughout the year. At present, we have a spellbinding leaderboard contest called “New Year Leaderboard 2018” wherein the winners are going to be taken to Pattaya.

As the leaderboard points kind of selection promotes healthy competition and fosters excellence, we see this as an ideal way for determining winners in a large scale promotion like our Road to Pattaya. If you have got the right skill and passion for rummy card games, you can easily win our leaderboard contests. Your presence will also spice up the leaderboard contest. Head to cash tables and begin your journey to Pattaya with a resounding win! Now it doesn’t get bigger than this, so try your best at the tables! We look forward to meet you very soon at Pattaya!

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