International Women’s Day GiftRaffle Special Tourney

International Women’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a day to commemorate the struggles to achieve women’s rights and to celebrate the achievements made by women in various fields throughout history. Started in the year 1911, the event has grown rapidly with time and is celebrated in different countries with different themes. On this day, United Nations with the help of its affiliates run strong, message-oriented programs and campaigns across several countries. Women achievers in different fields are invited to conferences, seminars, and panels to speak on topics like women empowerment, gender equality, violence against women and many other issues concerning women.

Women's Day GiftRaffle has the habit of celebrating every festival or observation with our patrons. This women’s day too we have planned something very exciting for you! Looking for some amazing gifts for the special women in your life? It’s great to give them something so memorable on this special occasion, right? Don’t worry! You don’t have to go scouting for gifts when you can win some amazing gift vouchers for FREE!

Women’s Day GiftRaffle Special

Yes! Our GiftRaffle Special Tournaments are back. This time it is for the International Women’s Day. Join us in our celebrating the International Women’s Day by taking part in our Women’s Day GiftRaffle Special tournament from Mar 8-11 at 11 PM. Do you have to pay anything in order to participate in this tourney? Nothing! Nada! Zilch! Just walk in on these days at 6 PM and hit the tables sharply at 11 PM to take a shot! Come and leave an indelible mark and dedicate this victory to the special women in your life.!

You know what’s special in this tourney? We will allow you to dedicate the prizes to the women for whom you’d like to dedicate. This will be applicable for the top 2 players. The third player will receive the place as mentioned by us. It is kind of stimulating your rummy appetite, right?

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