Grab OnePlus 5T by topping our Weekly Diamond Leaderboard

Here’s a fantastic chance to win a brand new One Plus 5T by hustling to the top in our weekly Diamond leaderboard contest again. As many players were interested to grab OnePlus 5T and other magnificent gifts on offer , we have retained the same gifts for an additional week. As of now your chance to claim this awesome OnePlus 5T is open till Feb 10.

Diamond Leaderboard

The only way to win these exciting goodies is by playing cash rummy games and moving to the top of the weekly leaderboard contest. Weekly leaderboard contests are all about maintaining consistency over the course of a week; Keep grinding to move to the top of our leaderboard across all levels. We don’t have to explain what’s waiting for you, right?

Weekly Diamond Leaderboard – OnePlus 5T

Our weekly leaderboard contests have been gripping and are designed to keep you spellbound. Since the announcement of the weekly leaderboard contest, many players have joined the contest and won awesome gifts like cameras, latest smartphones, gold coins, gift vouchers, and cash bonuses.  OnePlus 5T continues to remain as one of the hottest selling smartphone. With a wide variety of attractive features, the Phone continues to impress and is finding new admirers each day. Your chance to grab the awesome slick device lies on where you finish in our weekly Diamond leaderboard race. This might probably be your last chance to grab OnePlus 5T. As we have announced already, we have plans to change the gifts every week so as to ensure players get a great chance to grab all kinds of gifts. Hurry move to the top soon!

Keep playing cash games continuously to garner loyalty points and claim a position on our weekly Leaderboard. You can enroll and compete just by playing. With gifts amounting nearly to Rs. 2 Lakh, what have you got to lose.

The higher you are placed, the better are your chances to win super-awesome prizes. We are far ahead of our peers with our giveaways. Check out the stunning list of gifts that come along this week in our weekly leaderboard contest in all levels here. From stupendous smartphones like MiA1 to the advanced health tracking wristband, it’s a shopper’s delight. Play more and solidify your position at the top of the weekly leaderboard to win these super awesome prizes. Play rummy online at to win exciting prizes.


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