Main reasons for Rummy’s growth in India

Evolution in games takes years, sometimes even years. Every game we play today has a history that shows us the different cultures of the game. Actually, like all games, Indian Rummy also has fascinating facts of its origins.

History of Indian Rummy

There are numerous speculations related to the origin of Rummy, with internet sources showing different data on the origin. With several data on the internet, we can bring out the connections around the game.

Spanish Connection

Rummy is basically the same as the Spanish Card game Conquian. As per historians, it was played during the time Spanish intruders conquered the Americas and set up their colonies there. There is likewise a theory that the game has its starting point in America and its further spread to Mexico.

Poker Connection

According to certain historians, French people took on the game from Poker due to its similar gameplay. This type of Poker was before known as rum poker, and the new game was named Rummy.

Asian Connection

There is another hint on the internet that the game connects all the way to China. There existed a game known as “MahJong”, which followed a similar pick-and-drop game pattern like Rummy. As per this theory, the game more likely reached India through Chinese traders who came here for spiritual reasons. There exists another theory connecting Rummy with the Japanese game “Hanafuda”.

Legal Clearances

Though Rummy was quite famous when played at homes and festive gatherings, the real problem began when played in clubs. The critics of the game considered the game as mere luck; hence the debate was taken to court. After several examinations, the Supreme Court of India in the year 1968 made it a huge judgement making the 13-card Indian Rummy the game of skill, and that cleared the critics of gambling.

Popularity of Rummy

Though the game was well known in India, its popularity reached a peak point only after the digital presence. With the availability of various Rummy mobile applications, games that were played in a club can be easily be accessed anytime.

The future

Like Poker, there is a tremendous market for Rummy in the near future. Actually, like the poker circuit, the days for worldwide rummy competitions like WSOP, World Poker Tour, Asia Pacific Poker visit are not extremely far away. The rummy sites are hosting huge rummy promotions in order to increase the user base.

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