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Playing online rummy is the current gaming trend in India. Rummy is more familiar among the people of our country. It does carry a sub-continental flavor in it. Gamers are open to a lot of online rummy websites. They want a game with a combination of trust, real-time experience, worthy rewards, and some fantasy offers.

Happy Hours

With all these features in it, Deccan Rummy has been the most preferred online rummy gaming. Deccan Rummy is one of the most popular rummy sites in India. The players feel that this website is most trustful than others in the market.

We from Deccan rummy, make sure that our gaming interface is smooth and offers a seamless gaming experience. To ensure the same, we are available for their help 24*7. Money transactions have been made simple. This ensures hassle-free deposit and withdrawal methods for the users.

Different gameplay themes and game design almost give the same real-life game experience. Deccan rummy updates players with frequent tournaments, both paid and free rummy tournaments. Winning these tournaments will give you an option to get huge rewards like car, bike, mobile phones, and cash bonuses.

Happy Hours

Merry Monday29th JulyGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500MMJ22Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Thrilling Tuesday30th JulyGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500TRILJ23Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Wow Wednesday31st JulyGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500WOWJ24Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Turbo Thursday1st AugGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500TURBOJ25Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Fantastic Friday2nd AugGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500FANJ26Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Sizzling Saturday3rd AugGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500SIZZJ27Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM
Super Sunday4th AugGet 10% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.500SUPERJ28Rs. 2503 PM to 6 PM

When it comes to bonus offers, Deccan rummy is a step ahead of our peers. These bonus offers are available every month, every week, and every day. Yes, we indeed give offers every day.

Who doesn’t like Happy Hours! Be it restaurants, bars or shopping, happy hours are a rage! Customers wouldn’t want to miss out on great deals announced during Happy Hours! Guess what? The Happy Hours are finally here at!

Now get bonuses on your deposits during the specified time with bonus codes. Use these codes, start playing cash rummy games during happy hours, feel happy, play happy, and get rewarded hugely!

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