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Another year filled with extraordinary memories and joyous times has passed. You players have made this year very special and a memorable one for us. With you around, we can coast ahead and reach any pinnacles. Deccan Rummy wishes all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year. May your lucky stars continue to shine and make all your dreams come true.

We express our sincere thanks to players across this country for participating in all our tournaments last year with lots of passion. Last year, the tournaments were extremely competitive and gripping. It goes without saying that the interest displayed by our players was the main reason behind the success of all our special tournaments. Similar to the law of jungle, it was survival of the fittest as far as tournaments were concerned. Players who spent sufficient time in our practice tables and were acclimatized with the skill sets, different moves and different combinations were able to cruise through in our tournaments. On the other hand lazy and overconfident players had to the bear the brunt of having undervalued the potential of the game. But the past is done and dusted; there is no point in digging it and reviewing it. It’s time to make amends for your losses by playing and winning the tournaments that we are going to host this year.

Nevertheless, one cannot deny that defeats are the stepping stones for success in the future. As defeat would have taught you, there is no substitute for hard work and perseverance. We request the players that endured heavy losses to refresh their rummy skills by reading our tips and strategies article and then spend time playing practice games. Nothing beats the joy you get when you taste a victory after a string of defeats.

Deccan Rummy is getting bigger and better. Recently we have revamped our software and changed our company logo as a part of our evolution and in order to meet the need of company’s development. Most importantly, it was done to symbolize our dynamic future.

Deccan Rummy is looking forward to an awesome year ahead. We’ve planned lots of interesting offers and promotions ahead for the next few months which the players can look forward to. As for the special tournaments, we will continue to host as many tournaments on all the festive occasions and continue to enthrall you.

So, we once again wish all our players a very happy and prosperous New Year and we hope you continue to make us great.

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