Have a safe, secure, and captivating gaming experience at Deccan Rummy

Rummy game always had a commendable popularity in India for years now. The culture of playing rummy is deeply embedded in people’s pysche in this country. The game which captured our imaginations growing up, is now available on a much bigger platform online. The advent of numerous online sites offering 13 card rummy have significantly altered the gaming landscape in India.


Deccan Rummy is one such site which has been catering to rummy players across India. The gaming interface at Deccan Rummy is simple and safe, suited to the gaming styles of both beginners as well as pros. Deccam Rummy’s platform provides a lively entertainment brimming with players across the country. The site offers a wide selection of rummy games under different variants and tournaments. The registration is a simple 3 step process and you can register in our platform for free and start playing on the go.

Safe and Secure gaming experience

We leave stone unturned to ensure your information remains safe and secure. As the technology continues to evolve, so are the threats. We have deployed a fool proof system which secures your data. 

At Deccan Rummy, we ensure game level security as a top priority among players. We want to ensure player gets a memorable gaming experience every time without compromising on the security. 


Cards are distributed using a certified Random Number Generator software which ensures random distribution of all cards. Our random number generator (RNG) has been verified and fairplay algorithm have been certified by Infysec technologies. 

All games played at our platform are conducted over a safe communication between game servers and user devices.


Our fairplay algorithm ensures games are conducted fairly and quickly identifies any deceptive practices. 

We have robust duplicity checks which identifies the duplicate IDs. Deccan Rummy uses 128-bit encryption, to ensure the privacy of user data. Moreover, the site does not disclose any data to any third party. 

Deccan Rummy offers a variety of options deposits and cash outs. All payment processing information are stored in separate servers which is encrypted. Deccan Rummy has tie up with multiple banks and payment gateways to process payments. We ensure players get their winnings in quickly, so we have customer service agents working round the clock to process the withdrawals. Using advanced monitoring tools, the rummy tables are monitored throughout the year 24/7, 365 days all along to prevent any foulplay. 

Hope you have a safe gaming experience in our platform. If you got any suggestions to add, please do not hesitate to mail to support@deccarummy.com. Furthermore, you can also contact us with our interactive chat feature available as soon as you log in. Feel free to post your suggestions below in the comments section below.

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