A heads up to Deccan Rummy’s promotions

At Deccan Rummy, we complement your love for rummy by bringing you enriching promotions, offers & bonuses periodically. All our offers are applicable to rummy mobile APP as well, allowing you to enjoy the game anywhere, anytime. Deccan Rummy currently runs many exciting promotional offers, contests and tournaments. We provide a great platform to exhibit your skills and reap rich benefits using it.  This article will give a quick heads-up about the current rummy promotions at Deccan Rummy.

Instant 200% Deposit Bonus

This exciting rummy promotion has struck a chord with many of our players and they have benefited immensely out of it. Since the day our Mobile APP was launched we have seen a surge in the number of registrations. As this promotion was already a hit among our customers, there were calls to extend the promotion. So, owing to the demand, we have extended this promotion until the end of this month (Feb 28). The offer works simple – your first deposit of the day will attract a bonus UPTO 200%. Deposit every day to make an optimal use of this promotion.

Deposit & Reload Bonus

This 100% bonus is applied only to the first Deposit made in your account. You can get 100% Bonus on your first deposit with the bonus amount capped at a maximum of Rs.5000 on. It is the best bonus ever offered by any other online rummy sites in India. The trick is to deposit a big amount which will fetch a bonus in equal amounts so that your account remains stuffed with cash. You can use this cash to play high-stakes cash rummy games thereby giving you a chance to multiply your cash. Hurry! Deposit now in case you have not deposited before.

Refer A Friend

We all love to play rummy with our buddies/ relatives/family friends. There is nothing euphoric like playing rummy with a squad and winning. So, why don’t you make your rummy sessions exciting by inviting them to play rummy alongside with you? If you bring a friend to Deccan Rummy, you will be getting a lifetime bonus of 10% of their winning fee towards us. In addition to bringing you lots of money, Your friend can then play all the games, tournaments, avail promotions, bonuses etc! It’s a win-win situation for everyone.Maximize the benefits of this offer by referring as many friends as possible. Bring a friend now!

Rs. 8000 /- free roll Tournaments & Gold coin

Every online rummy player loves to play freeroll tournaments and win cash. While playing with our Rummy mobile APP, the tournament gets even more interesting as you get to play with better visuals & clarity compared to the website. Deccan Rummy hosts an interesting array of rummy tournaments amounting up to Rs. 8000 per day. Sounds awesome, right? We also conduct a goldQuest tourney every day allowing the participants to win a glistening gold coin. Entry to our goldQuest tournament is restricted to players who have earned a minimum 100 loyalty points within last three days. Please refer our article on Loyalty points to know more about it.

Rs. 8820 /- Cash tourneys

Rummy experts always love challenges. Imagine going hard against a handful of rummy experts across India and battling it out for huge cash prizes. The prospect itself is hair rising, is it not? Join our cash rummy tourneys worth Rs. 8820 and win scintillating cash prizes on the go. Enough of free tourneys, dive into our cash rummy tournaments and start making big money immediately.

These are the current rummy promotions available at Deccan Rummy. We guess these promotions must be enticing enough to convince you to hit our tables. As Deccan Rummy mobile app is also going great guns, this is the right time to experience the true power of mobile rummy. Sign up with us now and benefit out of all our exisiting rummy promotions.

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