Healthy Gaming habits are vitally important

The Nation wide lockdown brought upon us by the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted several sectors. Besides affecting the demand supply quotient, the lockdown has also brought significant lifestyle and behavioral changes.
It’s very important to have a healthy relationship with all sorts of gaming, whether you are playing online rummy or poker or even betting in an online casino. Now more than ever it is important to keep control of your gaming habits in these unprecedented times.

Keep your gaming habits in control

Most of us are confined indoors right now and we have more free time with us than ever before. While it’s tempting to play rummy online more than our scheduled time, it is not a bad idea to remind ourselves that gaming habits are just for fun and entertainment. The fun is best enjoyed if we keep our gaming habits within our budgets.

While we have already highlighted the five important ways to maintain a good rummy bankroll, it is important for the players to follow responsible gaming habits themselves. You can refer to our posts on responsible gaming to get an idea about it. Read it, digest it, and internalize it whenever you play rummy online. Always remember the thumb rule before gaming – your bankroll must never exceed the amount that you cannot afford to lose. Not that it need to be taken in an negative sense, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can have a kick ass gaming experience and earn lots of money by following responsible gaming practices. A lot of rummy veterans are still in the field only by keeping their gaming habits in control.
As a company, Deccan Rummy follows responsible gaming practices and ensures our users have a positive gaming experience every time. We have a range of tools that are designed to keep our users to keep their gaming habits in control.

From deposit limits to restrictions on certain tables, we go tooth and nail in providing the user a solid gaming experience. We never shy away from advising the users to take a break on occasions where the players ebb out of control.

You can always reach us

Even in these harrowing times of uncertainty brought upon by Coronavirus, 100% of our customer support are providing your assistance. You can always reach us through chat support and email; they are available round the clock and will respond to your at our earliest.
Our Social Media accounts remain vibrant always. No matter whether which channel you chose – Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we will respond to you promptly. We understand that the moods are somber all along, you can always light up your day with some rummy action and we are always there to assist you.

Together we will overcome this

We are doing everything in our power to providing you with a vibrant gaming experience. With everyone stuck at home, you cannot go out as we normally do. Our rummy platform loaded with exceptional games and rummy tournaments will come to your rescue during these tough days. Eat, Sleep and Repeat’ routine, it can get onto people’s nerves easily. Modern day smartphones are a great tool for entertainment, aside from media content and socializing, they can be a great gadget for gaming. It’s also worth downloading the Deccan Rummy app for your Android or iOS devices and connect with millions of gamers across India.

Ready to jump into action?

If you’re ready to dive into the exciting world of rummy game online, then click here to download Deccan Rummy and get started?
We would like to once again thank you for choosing Deccan Rummy as your rummy companion.

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