Things to keep in mind while playing high stakes games

Every rummy player playing the game out there wants to win big. That is one the driving factors behind players  opting to play high stakes game and win it. Thrill aside, there are lucrative prizepool up for grabs in online rummy. As the stakes go high, the competition also gets higher.

You need to prepare yourself mentally and physically to sustain the heat in the high stakes table. Players with right amount of expertise, mental strength, and gravitas prevail in such high voltage encounters. On the other hand, players who are impulsive in their decisions, commit serious mistakes and end up losing a lot of money.

Winning at high stakes table is a lot more different from low stakes and free games. In the low stakes and free rummy cash tables, you will see a lot of casual gamers who don’t mind losing. Whereas on high stakes, you will find players with proven credentials and years of experience grinding it out. So, you always have to be on your toes while playing high-stake cash games. That said, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind before playing high stake cash games

Hitting High Stakes ? Here are a few pointers

Bankroll management

The first thing you have to check before going for high stakes is your bankroll. How deep is your bankroll? Is your bankroll deep enough to sustain a few losses? You would be knowing it is not possible to win every game that you play in rummy, so check if your losses doesn’t impact your bankroll. Take advantage of the numerous bonus offers and stuff your account with cash so that you never run short of cash.

Mentally Prepared

Big stakes require big time attention and concentration. Moreover, it is extremely competitive as players with various levels of experience would hit the tables. Are you mentally prepared to go through the grind? Can you sustain the high pressure environment? If you are someone who has played sufficient amount of free rummy and low stakes cash games, you would have an idea about the competitive nature of the game. Armour yourself with an arsenal of strategies before hitting the high stakes cash game environment.

Self confidence

Rummy is a game that sees a lot of psychological maneuvering. Seasoned players use several psychological weapons like bluffing and baiting to confuse their opponents and put them in a spot. Unless you are incredibly self-confident about your skills, you will by all chance fall prey to their attacks. You need to more flexible and adaptive to scenarios to prevail in the high voltage encounter.

Bad Hands

As you might be aware, starting hands play a vital role in the game. However, it is not the only thing that decides the outcome of the game. Strategies and skills outweigh any other factors in rummy. There are players who emerge victorious even after getting a bad hand. You cannot expect to receive good hands every time you play. Learn how to deal with bad hands so that you don’t suffer because of it.

Negative Emotions

At times, we all give into negative emotions. These emotions adversely affect your gaming sessions as well. If you feel overwhelmingly negative, it is better to take a break away from the game and indulge in activities that soothen your mood. Hitting the table with a pessimistic or doubtful attitude is a recipe for disaster. Indulge in activities that allows you to control your emotions and channelize it in a positive way.

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