Post Holi action plan – Time to Unwind and Relax

Holi – The most colorful and vibrant festival in India has just passed by. Though it’s a blast at the time of the festival, the aftereffects of the festival are simply unpleasant. From fishing clothes that have been ruined by colors to clearing the paints and colors laden all over our skin, the process is tedious.

Additionally, think about the extra carbs that you gobbled up in your body with no remorse. Gujjiyas, Pakoras, Thandai and other tasty Holi delicacies that you gorged on are going to add a lot of flab to your body. It would be a cause of concern if you are a fitness freak. Also, the wild celebration takes a toll on our physical and mental well-being. We sure do not want to lose fruitful hours of our productivity because of exhaustion. However, it’s not too late, you have some detox methods which will relieve you from exhaustion and make you alright in a few days.

1. Hydrate Yourself

It’s pretty obvious that dehydration plays a vital role in your exhaustion. It’s important you hydrate yourself which makes up a bulk of your lost energy. Adding a pinch of salt along with Lemon or ginger would help you boost your energy levels. Hydrating yourself will help you flush the toxins inside your body and help your digestive system pretty much.

2. Get adequate rest

Ensure you get adequate rest after the holi party. A good night’s sleep helps you to recharge yourself and improve your mood. Improper sleep habits will cause fatigue and reduce your efficiency in work drastically.

3. A healthy Breakfast

Now that you’ve binged on excess carbs and fat this festival season, it’s time to shed excess calories. For this, following a healthy eating habit is pretty essential. Ensure you include a lot of fiber in your breakfast, a healthy meal consisting of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils goes a long way in flushing out the toxins out of your body.

4. Exercising

There’s no substitute for exercising as they not only help you physically but also improve your mental health. With exercising, your blood flow is regulated and also your mind becomes active. Exercising releases endorphins – a feel-good hormone that helps you to keep your mood stable.

5. Play Online Games

Playing Online games can be a great way to relax and unwind. The positive effects of online games are numerous, from better memory and problem-solving to improving your moods and fostering social interaction. Games like Classic Rummy and Poker improve your memory as you have to remember the fall of cards. Indian Rummy especially requires you to apply your analytical and logical skills in order to prevail in the game. Strategic games also improve your problem-solving ability. Following these ideas would help you beat the tiredness of your Holi celebration.

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