50K Holi Special Rummy Tourney @ DeccanRummy

Holi is a quintessential Indian festival that is celebrated all over India with huge joy and enthusiasm. It’s one of the festivals which people celebrate forgetting the barriers like caste, creed, and religion. The vibrancy of multiple colors splattered all over the places reflects the diversity of our country. The color not only fills the surroundings but also our hearts bring in positivity and helps us to bond with other people forgetting all the resentments. This festival also denotes celebration due to good harvests and land fertility. People host Holi Special parties blare Bollywood songs in high volume and dance to the beats of it. Aside from color riot, people exchange sweets and pleasantries on this special day.

Holi Special

Holi Special Tournament

Deccan Rummy adds more grandeur to the already vibrant festival with our Holi Special Tournament. The Holi Special Tournament on Deccan Rummy is scheduled on March 10 @ 9 PM. A whopping Rs. 50K is available as the prize pool and the tournament is open to 905 players all over India. Make a minimum deposit of Rs 500 using “HOLI2020” and get the free ticket to enter the tourney. Alternatively, the players can play with a buy-in of Rs. 200.

Roll up your sleeves with several rummy tricks as there’s a lump sum to be taken away. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran with plenty of experience, you will find the tournament entertaining. As our special tournaments fill out quickly, we advise our players to register as soon as the registration opens at 3 PM. Deccan Rummy aims to double the joy of the festival of colors for players with this tournament. Furthermore, as the spring seasons begin, it would be a great moment to start with a win. If you’re to make this Holi splendid, join our Holi Tournament and collect the goodies.
Deccan Rummy has pulled out some stunners in the past and there couldn’t have a better start to the rummy harvest reason.

Terms and Conditions

The Tournament will commence after 50% seats are open
Players indulging in any kind of malpractice will be duly banned.
All standard terms and conditions are applicable

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