Hot Deals! Bring out the Best and Win Big!

Despite the presence of hundred other sites, to play rummy online, Deccan Rummy remains the No 1 choice for gamers at all level for our hot deals and offers. Deccan Rummy offers you perks, offers and thrills that no other website can offer! We are here to fill your life with fun and excitement with our mind-boggling games and offers.

What’s life without challenges? In fact, life without goals or challenges would be prosaic. Rummy junkies known for their love of thrill love double dose of challenges everyday. Knowing rummy lover’s penchant for challenges, we have a set of contests called HOT Deals that will surely push yourself hard.

The IPL might have been suspended, but the rummy action is only getting more Hot at Deccan Rummy with our exciting Hot Deals! Brush your skills as you need them in plenty to prevail in these ongoing Hot deals.

Hot Deals

Hot Deals

1. Beat the Clock – Players need to play a number of cash rummy games on designated tables during the time the offer is active. Players who complete the said objective will receive a surprise bonus.

2. Cash for Ace – Declare with a set of Aces and win a certain percentage of bonus from the winning amount.

3. Winnings Challenge -Win a designated amount on designated tables and earn a flat bonus.

4. Super Sixers or Kings Court – Declare with a finish card of 6 or King and get a certain designated percentage of bonus on the winning amount.

We run these promotions one each everyday in a random manner. You view what’s it for today under promotions in the upcoming section. The Hot deals has all the makings to beat your lockdown blues and take the heat several notches higher!

With awesome winning chances, this HOT Deals are unmissable for every rummy player. Bring out your best rummy skill and get rewarded in a big way!

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