How can a Beginner turn into a Pro Player?

Do you think you can make your presence to be a history in the online rummy ecosystem? Yes, this can happen even if you are a newcomer to the game. There are already many who have made this possible. Deccan Rummy is giving you an excellent opportunity to learn about the process and to implement the learning at the table. The game doesn’t have constant formulas but has well-framed rummy rules and regulations that put the player in thinking a lot in the given situation within the constraints they are put in. Here are a few tips in helping you reach pro status in the gaming arena.


Winners always maintain a positive vibe in and around them. They never have the habit of giving up on things. Try hands in various rummy tournaments and leaderboard contests. Being put in different situations can test your character and behaviour- it is indeed a huge process to involve. Such practices are worthy moves when looked back from the future.


The game has enough entertainment along with an equal amount of challenge at the table. The game demands a high level of intelligence, there are a series of challenges, tasks to cross the finish line. Hence one has to stay focused on the tables. Every second in the game can impact the game’s result. Don’t let any kind of external factors disturb your hunt for huge winnings.

Patience and Aggression

Both the terms seem to be contradictory, but both are needed while playing online rummy. One must be patient enough in handling failures, and aggressive enough in their gaming strategy. When it comes to Online Rummy, patience is a huge term. The player has to stay patient when hit with continuous failures and must be matured enough to handle continuous success.

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