How effectively you can use King and Queen card in a rummy game?

Rummy is a card game based on skills which is widely played in all households across India. You need to use a wide range of analytical and cognitive skills to succeed in the game. Playing rummy over a course of time makes you mentally sharp and increases your attention levels considerably. With money, the game becomes all the more interesting and get to play like a king.

As the game allows you the opportunity to win huge loads of money, people rush to various online rummy platforms to bag their slice of prizes. No one would want to lose money, for this, you need to be constantly on your toes with your rummy strategies in every game that you play. Here, we discuss about how effectively you can use two important cards – King and Queens to win the game.


King and Queen Card

There are totally 8 King and Queen in a standard deck of cards – 4 King and 4 Queen across the 4 suits. The King and Queen card are among the highest ranked card in rummy. Along with jack, these two cards carry 10 points each.

In a game of rummy, it is mandatory to declare with two sequences at least. King and Queen cards would invariably come into the picture. Here’s how you can effectively use these cards to meet the objective.

Make it as a part of sequence or set

Like every other card, the face cards King and Queen can be combined to make a sequence.
Say for example J,Q, and K is a classic example of sequence
You can also use the face card Ace along with King and Queen to make a sequence. Q, K, A is a sequence.
You can also use joker card ( printed or wild) with King and Queen to be a make a sequence. For example, Q, K, and PJ is a valid sequence.
Three or more same ranked cards belonging to different suits constitute a set. For example, if you King of spades, King of Hearts, and King of Clubs, you can combine them to form a set. You can also use a printed joker in place of missing cards.
But do remember, whatever sequences you make, having a pure sequence is mandatory for a successful declare.

Get rid of the face cards

At times, cards with higher points may prove to be a liability. When you are not able to complete the objective, these cards add up and cause you to lose by huge points. Therefore, if the face cards  do not fit in a sequence or a set, get rid of them at the earliest. You have a better possibility of building a sequence with lower ranked cards on such occasions.

Now that you’ve learned about how effectively you can use these face cards, isn’t it try some magic with them? Download Deccan Rummy app for your android and implement these strategies! With over 5 million users, Deccan Rummy is the most trusted online rummy platform in India. Join us and start having a positive gaming experience!

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