How simple is Rummy to play?

Online gaming made gaming accessible, but people have misconceptions about certain games that it is hard to be successful out there. Rummy is one among them. The game has a very long and rich history on Indian soil. Rummy is considered a never to be missed skill game. An individual needs quality strategies to score above the opponents. The online version has extended the popularity of the game in India. A person can play Rummy for both cash and free.

So here are few tips that will turn your misconceptions of the difficulty integrated with the game. 

  1. There are different forms of games in online Rummy, including cash games, Rummy tournaments, and rummy leaderboard. But it is not advisable for any player to directly participate in tournaments and leaderboards. One has to adapt well by playing in the cash game circuit and win a good number of games by outplaying the opponents. Later, the individual has to opt for tourneys and leaderboards as the challenge and stack values are better.
  2. One may follow any strategy, but the basic move every Rummy must follow is to sort the playing cards. Players will have the sort button on the playing screen, which shouldn’t be missed out. The cards will be sorted in order of the suit and card rank. 
  3. The primary need for a player is to make a pure sequence to declare a game. Hence the primary focus must be on making a pure sequence. Even if the player doesn’t win, one will lose considerably few points while having a pure sequence. 
  4. Holding high cards could turn to be a huge blunder at the end of the game. Players must make sure to discard the unwanted high-value cards from the beginning of the game. 
  5. Joker cards are considered key cards to success. Hence the player must handle the cards maturely. Some have very few joker cards and succeed, whereas some have many but still would result in loss. 
  6. A successful player mustn’t just play for their players but also focus on the opponents’ cards. Only when you analyse your opponents’ gameplay would be easier to cross the victory line. 
  7. A rummy player must be smart that they need not play to win all games; instead, they must analyse the cards at the very beginning. If he/she feels the game couldn’t be won that easily, then it is better to drop. When you drop, it will cost only 20 points, whereas you would lose 80 points in the worst case. 
  8. Practice is the key to success in Rummy, the more one plays, the more will it help to tune your skills. Sites like Deccan Rummy provide practice games in all three variants of 13-card Indian Rummy. 
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