How to become a successful rummy player?

Rummy is the most popular card game in India. Be it a family gathering at home, be it a party or be it a after work pastime, you can see people seated in circles playing with 52 deck of rummy cards. The online version of the game is heading towards records everyday. The game is getting new players through the online version of rummy. 

 Many doubt on whether it is possible to win consistently in online rummy. To prove them wrong there are many live examples of players who win consistently in online rummy. The blog guides you to become a gem of the game. Have a quick read and, follow them.

rummy player


Be it Rummy or any skill game, you need to be strong with the basics so that you will never get stuck up during high voltage matches. You must know how to play Rummy. There are many sources such as articles and blogs available in the internet. Search “How to Play Rummy? Deccan Rummy” to avail one of the most simplest of text to understand the basics of rummy. The rules of the game is pretty simple to learn, but when you execute them there must be a complete caution as a small mistake can travel you away from the game. Refer the materials available in Deccan Rummy’s blog page. Also Make sure learn about the variants of Indian Rummy. As all the Indian rummy sites provide you the option to play all the 3 variants.

Video Tutorial 

People can understand things much clear when it is learnt in the form of video than text. To make learning easy for the people, sites like Deccan Rummy provide video tutorials for their players in their YouTube channel. One could learn how the game moves like. The  gaming ecosystem is identified here. The tutorial videos aren’t just about the rules of the game but also videos about the different strategies.

Practice games

The next step off understanding game is to play them. Not for real cash, players can adapt to the gaming setup by playing practice games. Playing practice games regularly before getting into the real cash games, will help players update their gaming style and knowledge about the game. Practice game aid in improving one’s rummy strategies. Players would move with a freedom of playing for free in the practice tables. Players get ease out their pressure minds here at the table. The most important of them is that players can get the actual gaming exposure while playing practice games. 

Cash games

When you feel confident about playing cash games, you can step into to play cash games. Start playing for fewer table values and then make a progressive move to play higher value tables. After going good with the cash games, move on to play free roll rummy tournaments. After handling the challenges at the freeroll tables start playing the cash entry tourneys. That’s how you need a career curve to be consistent and strong at Rummy table. 

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