How to determine the skill level of your opponents in rummy?

If you ever played rummy online, you would have known how often player talk about gauging the skill level of your opponent. In fact, gauging your opponents plays a vital role in the game. Only when know your opponents’ level, you can formulate your strategy for that game.

Also, it would help you in selecting the table and amount of cash you would want to bring to the table. Hence, it is essential that every rummy player must be shrewd enough to assess their opponents. Here are few steps that can help you understand your opponent’s skill levels.

Determining the skill level of your opponent

1. Discarded Cards

Usually, the discarded cards give you an idea about the sequence your opponent is trying to build. Skilled players know this and take steps to ensure they don’t giveaway this to their opponents. Your routine strategies are not going to help, you need to find an alternate way to outsmart them, which is not very easy. Such players are experts in deciphering the cards and the moves of their opponents based on their discards. If your opponent is not discarding the cards that you need, it could be a sign his skill level is higher.

2. High Value cards

One of the well-established rummy strategy is to discard high value cards as they can prove costly at the end of the game. Most rummy players follow this strategy religiously. However, rummy experts tread carefully while implementing this strategy. They do not throw away the high-value cards just for the heck of it. They gauge the situation twice before discarding the cards. Discarding high-value cards is of-course a part of their strategy, which they do in a well-constructed manner. It is essential to exercise your judging skills to establish if they are pro or novice. You can acquire this skill only with extensive practice.

3. Drop

Rummy experts do not beat the bush around with cards which don’t give them a chance. They very often go for the first drop or at-least a middle drop, when they have a bad hand. You do not see them endlessly slogging it off with a bad hand. However, this won’t be a case when your opponent is a novice. A novice allows his emotions to take over logic and makes moves hurriedly. They don’t know it’s wise to go for a drop, instead go after the impossible. If you see a particular player dropping often, chances are such that he/she is an expert rummy player and doing so to avoid heavy defeat.

Hopefully, this post should give you an idea about gauging your opponent’s skill level. However, you should not restrict yourself to these skills. Rummy skills are like an universe without boundaries. The more you play, the more you are going to invent it yourself.

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