How to Earn under Refer And Earn Promotion?

The online revolution has provided gaming with a third dimension. People before a decade played games as a pastime, but now the advantage of playing online games has a purpose. There are many benefits of playing online games. There’s a huge transmission in gaming, from a pastime to a profession. Yes, there are many gaming professionals in the country. People have switched to the gaming industry to earn real cash.

One of the biggest in the Indian Online Gaming circuit is Online Rummy. The game has several glitters that can lite up the gaming atmosphere. The online version has many fancy elements in rummy tournaments, rummy bonuses and rummy leaderboards.
Exciting promotions encourage players to play more games.

Now share your love and get rewarded, Yes you get paid when you share your happiness. Deccan Rummy presents its players with the best opportunity to share the fun of playing online rummy with their friends and family. With the Refer a friend offer, players receive bonus rewards for every successful referral made. Players can refer their contacts through various social media platforms. The referred players can create their own accounts and make deposits to play the cash games available on the site.

For every game your contact plays, a bonus of 10% from the rake fee will be added to your account. There’s an added advantage in this promotion; there aren’t any restrictions on the number of players one can refer to the site. Not just to your phone contacts, you can contact your friends available on Facebook and Twitter platforms.

How to refer your friend?
  • Let’s check on how to invite people,
  • Login to your deccan rummy account.
  • Click on Refer & Earn.
  • Invite your friend-> WebMail Share. You can add email ids manually or import your contact directly from Gmail.
  • Click on Social Share and choose the social media account you are willing to share the invite.
  • Don’t forget to remind them of using the Welcome Bonus and other bonus offers. There’s a lot your reference can enjoy at the site.
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