How to handle a bad hand in Rummy?

Things aren’t planned at Rummy tables. The winning formula is nothing but making the right decision at the right moment. It’s all about how player smart plays the game. There’s no limit to learning at the tables. Every game will be a different experience and a different scenario which is one of the reasons why people love playing this skill game.

The task will look easy when you get a good hand, but have you thought about switching to attack mode while receiving a bad hand? Yeah, there are certain formulas to handle bad hands. One has to practice a lot at the tables in the practice games section. Here we present you with some tips to handle bad hands.

Analyse your hand

Be it any variant, the primary goal of a rummy player is to analyse the cards dealt. One has to understand the cards. He / She must understand the needs to make a sequence, set and declaration. Remember, being overconfident at Rummy tables can destroy a player’s career. Don’t get carried away by the cards you are dealt with. Aim for the pure primary sequence first and later aim for the secondary sequence or sets. Analysing the cards and the requirements will be very helpful for any player at any point in their career.

Discard unnecessary face cards

Having unwanted face cards can be a huge loss for a rummy player. Normally a beginner will tend to take risks in making combinations using face cards. That will turn to be a huge mistake in maximum chances. Holding several unwanted face cards in hand is definitely not a sign of a successful rummy player. So make sure to discard those cards at the very beginning of the game.

One must always understand the importance of middle cards. The cards of value 5 and 6 have the double advantage of making sequences with cards 3,4 as well as 7,8. This is something face cards can’t do.

Joker cards

Joker is an advantage until and unless it is used to make sequences and sets. Making use of the joker cards in the most effective way during a bad hand game is a very crucial factor. However, you must be capable of managing the game even if there isn’t a joker card.

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