How to improve Positive thinking in Life?

Staying positive all the time is nearly unrealistic. Human brains are hardwired to look at things in a negative or skeptical way naturally. It takes a lot of time and efforts to train your brain look at things positively. Reinforcing positive thoughts is much easier said than done with the amount of baggage the modern world forces up on us. However, it’s not simply unachievable.

If you are determined to succeed in life, having a positive outlook is very important. You will have to constantly work to eliminate negative thoughts. Having a positive outlook is remarkably good for your physical and mental health. You will also become more productive in your work if you start approaching things with a positive outlook. This post will explain the five easy-to-do steps to reinforce positive thinking in your life.

1. Replace Negative Thoughts with positive ones

The first step to change your thoughts to positive, is to replace all the negative thoughts with positive. Dealing with negative thoughts can have detrimental effects. Most of our negative thoughts stem from gut feeling, not absolute facts. Following negative thoughts can have dire consequences. Try to analyze the thoughts rationally. Following a rational approach will automatically eliminate negative thoughts which stem largely out of insecurity, fear, and skeptic nature. Replacing such negative thoughts with practical, positive thoughts will solve half of your problems.

2. Socialize

According to a legendary Greek Philosopher “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual”. Humans can hardly survive with out socializing. Being reclusive often is just going to keep you in a shell and you are more prone to be affected by negative thoughts. It’s always good to follow the nature’s protocol and mingle with everybody. Socializing with people elevates our mood and keep us in good spirits.

3. Play Online Games

At times socializing may not be possible. As we are living amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic, social settings have changed considerably. Till the vaccines are ready, we must be prepared to follow all the protocols as advised by the health organizations such as following social distancing etc. However, it does not mean you should avoid human contact completely. We may be separated physically. but there’s nothing that stops us socializing through online. Online games give the perfect platform for it. Games like Online Rummy, Online Poker, and various other games provides a shared platform for gamers to play the game.

Playing Skill games like 13 card Rummy online improves our attention span, memory, and analytical skills. Additionally, they also provide an opportunity to win money online. As most of the games are based on objective, you will learn how to work towards your goal staying positively. You can simply register in a rummy site or with a rummy mobile app and start playing.

4. Eliminate unnecessary stress and worries

Burdening yourself with stressful thoughts and activities is only going to make things worse. A lot of people increase their stress by constantly worrying about their futures thereby making their present hell. It serves no purpose. Ensure you do things that makes you happy. Be it exercising, chit-chatting with your friends, or watching your favorite stand-up comedy shows or movies, seek out things that puts a smile on your face. Laughing your heart out flushes out most of your stress and it also releases endorphins, a feel good hormone that elevates your mood.

5. Accept and Find Solutions

There are quite a few things in life that are beyond our control. No matter how hard we try, we cannot change them. Haven’t your heard of the phrase the only constant in life is change. There is a lot of truth to it. Instead of being resistant to change, learn to embrace it. Once you realize that change is inevitable, it’s more easier for you to cope up even when something horrible happens. Try to look for the positive aspect in every change that happens instead of scrutinizing it or trying to escape your way out of it.

As mentioned, staying positive all the time is more easier said than done. However, following these steps will see a gradual change in your mentality. You will be more outgoing and reciprocal to changes. You will be strong enough even when a tragedy strikes unexpectedly.

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