How to overcome overthinking?

One of the worst things people do often is overthinking. They complicate the situation and make things from bad to worse with their overthinking. While thinking is essentially a trait of every human being, overthinking affects you adversely and also the people around you. At times we all feel restless with a lot of emotions running around us which is understandable.

However, if we feel restless so often, that’s a cause of worry. Each people have a different coping mechanism to get away from feeling restless. Some go for a long walk, some meditate, and listen to music, these days with the help of online games like rummy, you can easily unwind and relax in a matter of few minutes. Let’s first get to know how overthinking can affect you.

Ways to curb Overthinking

1. When you overthink, you tend to lose your concentration. You give into distractions and your mind will not be in a calm state unable to process or grasp anything with reduced memory power.

2. You lose your ability to think clearly and in an unclear state of mind, you might take wrong decisions which may negatively impact you. It is important to learn how to manage your emotions before taking any crucial decisions

3. Moreover, it also affects your physical condition. Overthinking alters your sleep cycles, causes digestive disorders, and even skin conditions such as rashes.

Now you know how overthink can affect you, it’s perhaps time to take action to curb it so that the damage is kept minimal.

1. Meditating is the most effective way to control overthinking. Being in meditation keeps you aware of the present without worrying about the past or future consequences. You must realize that time is a valuable resource and you must squander it on useless thinking of no value. Meditating does not have to be strictly religious, you can even focus on an object or anything close to you. The idea is to collect your thoughts and keep them in one place.

2. People resort to different hobbies to unwind from their stress and anxiety. Distract yourself from overwhelming emotions by indulging in things you like. For example, studies indicate playing skill games such as chess or rummy online can help you cut down on overthinking. Moreover, playing rummy online can also be potentially very rewarding.

3. You can share your thoughts with others. We all need an outlet to share our worries. You can do it with your friends or someone close enough to you. At times, they may give you the correct suggestion that you need in a timely manner.

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