How to unlock unlimited Refer a Friend Bonus?

Probably the best thing about Online rummy other than the rush and fun part is the real cash earning opportunity. With a wide range of promotions live, sites like Deccan Rummy give players a opportunity to win real cash regularly. From rummy bonus to tournaments to leaderboard contest, the site is filled with exclusive promotions that could increase your bankroll consistently. Why not share the same with your friends?

Rummy is a game that is best enjoyed when played with a group. Deccan Rummy provides opportunity to share the thrilling rummy experience with friends.

With our Refer a Friend offer, Players can refer their friends to Deccan Rummy through different means which have been detailed below. These revered players can create an account, and start their rummy career.

For each game that they play, you would get a reward which is 10% of their rake fee. This promotion is better compared to most Refer-A-Friend programs that will generally offer a little award for the referrer. There’s no limitation on the quantity of players that you can refer to our site.

How to refer a friend  to Deccan Rummy?

⦁ Click on Refer and Earn

⦁ Go Invite your friend – > ‘Web Mail Share’. Add email manually or import contacts from gmail and send an email to every one of your friends.

⦁ Click on Social Share. Select the account you need to use to share the outside reference (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

⦁ Get them to register with the link.

⦁ Remind them of the welcome bonus offers and other extra offers that they can benefit of when they register.

⦁ Once they hit the money tables, your reward will begin growing.

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