Huge Cash up for Rewards this Ganesh Chaturthi

Are you ready for the rummy showdown?

Special promotion

Deccan Rummy is always known for hosting fantabulous rummy promotions. One such is on the way; it’s time for a special rummy tournament. Looking at the Indian calendar, there’s an auspicious day in the next few days. Ganesh Chaturthi is the special day, and the Ganesh Chaturthi special tournament is the special event at Deccan Rummy. It’s not going to be a single-day event. Yes, you read it right. Starting from September 2, the tourney reaches the last stop on September 10. The tourney comes with a whopping prize pool worth Rs 5 Lakhs.


It is a great opportunity to win home a huge amount. The tourney is split into three stages, satellite, qualifier, and finale. The biggest plus point of the contest is that you can win free tickets to play the higher stages of the game for free by securing top positions at the previous level of games. The buy-in varies as Rs 50, Rs 150 and Rs 500 for different levels. The nine-day event is something you shouldn’t miss out on.
The Ganesh Chaturthi special tournament is a perfect one to earn stardom in the online rummy circuit. Remember, the tourney has a lot of opportunities to win huge throughout the run.

It is possible for a player to join the satellite level of the tournament and play the rest of the tournament for free. The satellites level runs from September 2 to 6, with an overall prize pool for the level being Rs 1 Lakhs, i.e., Rs 20k every day. The Qualifiers stage is from the 7th to the 9th, with a prize pool of Rs 50k every day, and the Grand Finale is on September 10, with the prize pool worth Rs 250000.

Not just this, there are many more rummy promotions you get to be a part of. There are many rummy tournaments, rummy leaderboards and rummy bonuses that can be yours.

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