Increase your winning chances with these rummy tips

The Best part of playing online Rummy is that it always presents an opportunity to have both fun and earn. According to a research, skills associated with mind such as decision making, problem solving may wane with age or due to staying inactive for long. Hence, it is important to keep sharpen your mind every now and then. Indian Rummy is one of the best options to do that as it offers a fair balance of skill and chance. Once you master the rummy tips, you do not have to worry for that elusive win anymore.

Whenever you play rummy, it is very important to understand that it is skill game and not a game of chance. Being a skill game, it offers plenty of chances to enhance your skills. Whether you are playing for fun or with an intention to earn, these are a few Rummy tips that can help you go a long way.

Rummy Tips

1. Practice makes you perfect

Just like every other aspect of our life, you can get better in rummy by playing persistently. Forget win or loss, you are here to learn. If you are scared of losing money, there is always practice games that cost you nothing but offers equal thrill and fun like cash games. Practice games offer a chance to fix your mistakes and get your skills right. Remember, the more you play, the better you get it. Practice games are a great avenue for learning new rummy tips.

2. Choose the right table

The preference for tables varies with players. Some players may like the adrenaline rush of points rummy, while others prefer slow burners like deals and pool rummy, that takes a while to finish. Sites like Deccan Rummy offer cash games at all stakes for all the three variants with an entry fee as low as Rs. 10. Choose the table that fits your style of gameplay and how much you can bring to the table. Do not be in a rush to go for high-stakes right at the beginning. Just like all other activities, you have to proceed organically.

3. Watch your opponents gameplay

One of the most important trait required to be successful in online rummy is good observation skills. You need to constantly observe the discards and pickups from the open deck. The cards they discard can give you an idea about the sequence they are trying to build. Use that knowledge to your advantage. Hold on to the cards that you think will help your opponents unless you have no other option. Never allow them to take the upper hand by discarding the cards they need.

4. Arrange your cards properly

It’s always good to regroup your cards every now and then, as sometimes you may miss a set or sequence by not properly arranging it. While playing online rummy, you have a option to group your cards with a click. So, ensure you group your cards after every deal so as to not miss out.

5. Use the joker wisely

Jokers are very handy cards which allow you to finish the game quickly. It can act as a replacement card for the missing card in a set or a sequence. Ensure you make full use of them, it’s good to use the joker to complete a set or sequence in higher cards. However, do remember pure sequence is mandatory for winning in rummy. In your desire to finish the game quickly, do not forget the pure sequence where joker card will be of no use.

6. Know when to drop

Contrary to the popular belief, folding earlier does not constitute as a cop-out in rummy. If you receive a bad hand, your chances of a successful declare is less. At that point, it is nearly a waste of time to keep digging in, without any success in the fray. Also, you run the risk of losing by a big margin. Continue only when you feel there is a chance to arrange the cards into proper sets or sequences.

As mentioned, these rummy tips would help you a long way in meeting the objective of the game. Do follow them every single time you play.

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