Rush! Free tickets for Independents Tourney are being given away!

Independence Day

The whole nation is excited to celebrate our 75th Independence Day celebrations on August 15. This special day fills us with deep emotions of patriotism. Aside from being an occasion to feel proud, this is also a day for new resolutions and goals. We shall all vow to contribute our best to truly make a Vishwa Guru in every field.

Deccan Rummy is celebrating the Freedom of India in style by giving you an opportunity to win big in our special rummy tournament for Independence Day. We’ve been hosting the Independence Day Special tournament over the past few years and every edition of it has been a resounding success. This edition also promises to be a stunner.

The true spirit of freedom can be enjoyed by indulging in our favorite pastime without any restrictions. In the spirit of this true freedom, join our Independence Day Special Rummy Tournament tournament on Aug 15 @ 9 PM. With a staggering prize pool of 1 Lakh rupees on the cards, the tournament gives you massive winning chances for multiple players.

How to Play Independence Day Tournament

Players can join our Independence day tournament with two options

  1. Free ticket
  2. Buy-in

Free Ticket

Players can obtain free tickets to this tournament by making a deposit of Rs. 1947 with the code IND2021. The free ticket would be instantly credited to their account. The registration for the tournament begins on Aug 15th at 3 PM. Players can use the free tickets once the registration is opened

Alternatively, the players can also play in this tournament with a buy-in of Rs. 250.

While easy structures and hefty prize pools are all guaranteed, the Independence Day tournament stands out for providing a shot at glory and stardom.

Much to the delight of players looking to soak in the fun and thrill of Classic rummy, the option to receive a free ticket is open now. Several players are already claiming their free tickets. Claiming free tickets to play the tournament is much better than going for a buy-in as you can use the deposit amount to play cash games. Moreover, you can avail a bonus offer while making a deposit. There are multiple bonus offers that you can take advantage of. Deposit now to avail free ticket for this awesome tournament.

If you want to know more about the offers on our website currently, please visit our Promotions page. If you have any queries, feel free to mail us at

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