Online gaming industry in India – a veritable goldmine

Since the digital revolution, one of the key positives Indians earned was access to online gaming. Prior to the era, the gaming was mainly restricted within the elitist section of the society who had the money and resource to access those games. Players accessed these games through consoles and gaming accessories. Some of the games that were popular among the gaming audience in this segment were call of duty, FIFA, Counter Strike, and DOTA. Since the rapid penetration of internet, online gaming fever caught steam among the Indian gaming audience.

The booming Social media opened the flood gates for many game developers. The huge success of games like candy crush, pet acquarium, cityville, restaurant city, farmville are certain games that were some of the games that were hugely popular in Facebook. The games captured the imagination of millions of gamers and it’s reach was so massive that it broke all the established barriers with regards to gaming like age, gender, location etc. The next stage of online gaming is the mobile games that are so popular today.

The growth had a lot to do with smartphone revolution. With the phenomenal rise in the number of smartphones coupled with the falling data prices, means the online gaming developers had a challenging task ahead of them as far as creating games that appealed to the audience. In due course of time, the Indian internet has matured in terms of geography and maturity.

Online gaming – Phenomenal growth

With over 250 million gamers at present spending over 60 minutes a day in mobile gaming, the number of games hitting the market has also increased exponentially. The number of mobile gamers is estimated to reach 628 million by 2022. The other heartening aspect is the astronomical increase in the number of women gamers. Contrary to the general opinion, women are engaging heavily with mobile games. According to a latest survey, nearly 43% of the gamers in India are women.

While majority of the gamers still prefer games for free, users opting for “freemium games” are on the increase too. Freemium refers to the model where the user can download the game for free and has an option to buy additional features in order to complete the mission quickly. A lot of games have in-app purchase which is extremely popular among the gaming audiences.

Another emerging sector in the online gaming industry is the Real Money Games (RMG). This sector offers traditional card games like Rummy, Poker, and other skill based card games. There are numerous rummy mobile apps and poker apps that are available in playstore and AppStore for free.

However, the flip side is despite attracting huge audience, Indian gaming ecosystem continues to remain as the service provider for those international games. They were not producing enough games that could sustain the interest of the gamers over a considerable duration of time.

Rummy – the most popular RMG

Rummy in particular is extremely popular among Indian audiences. Companies under this segment follow the subscription based model, wherein the user has to pay a fixed fee in-order to access the games. Sources indicate that rummy industry is growing at a staggering rate of 50%. The game already popular in its physical form didn’t have problems in transition to its digital form and has registered organic growth among all the games available.

No other game comes close to rummy online when it comes to involvement of users, and keeping them engaged. Developers work constantly to improve the user experience and give the users a casino like experience. For example, Deccan Rummy app gives the user the vibes and ambiance of playing in a real casino, with its rich graphics and seamless user interface. Transactions are done in INR and multiple payment methods are incorporated in the system making it easy for the viewers to deposit and withdraw cash.

Real money games enables gamers win real money by playing these games from the comfort of their homes. If you can utilize your spare time to make some big bucks, why not take the plunge and start playing it?

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