Indians love playing Real money games from their Smartphones

From being a device meant for communication, Smartphones have grown to become a primary source of entertainment. While social media and live streaming apps occupy a portion of this, the real deal is the online games. According to a study, Indian mobile users spend more time on mobile games than video-streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. The popularity of mobile gaming in India owes a lot to our massive youth population. Youngsters do not hesitate to experiment with different games and formats as they keep track of the technological advancements and are very internet savvy.


According to the Mobile marketing association’s report, three out of every four mobile users play mobile games in a day. The country is home to nearly one-tenth of global gamers. With over 250 million players, India has progressed to become one of the world’s prolific gaming markets. The study states users prefer to play mobile games from 7 PM till midnight. By 2020, the Indian gaming market will hit $1.1 Billion, and a new 628 million gamers will be on board. It’s a field day for gaming startups as the gaming market is replenished with various business opportunities.

One of the essential segments in the mobile gaming market is real money games. Games that require making purchases either in the form of buy-in or in-app purchases can be classified under real money games.

You must be living in an alternative universe if you have not heard about the two games which have created a storm in the global gaming community – Fortnite and PubG. Both these games are battle royale themed games and have set the benchmark high when it comes to game mechanics and graphics. The popularity owes a lot to the fact that players can connect with players across the world and can also do voice chat. The game has impacted people’s lives so much that there is a PUBG themed restaurant opened recently, and there was a couple who shot their pre-wedding video with PubG theme.

Indian Rummy

Many of us like to play real money games like Indian Rummy, Poker, and also fantasy games like Dream11. With players like MS Dhoni endorsing dream 11 and with IPL and World Cup around, no wonder the craze for Dream11 has touched astronomical levels. At present, about 50 million Indian gamers are involved in fantasy leagues hosted by Dream 11 and many other players.

The real money game gives us maximum entertainment at minimal investment. It also provides us with a chance to establish a social connection and adds more thrill to your gaming experience. In the physical world, we are restricted by various factors like player availability and infrastructure, whereas the online sphere eliminates these constraints and gives us more free space. Real money games like 13 card rummy are legal in India, and players can enjoy them from the comfort of their couches at home. Despite the craziness for Dream 11 and other fantasy sports, the rating for rummy hasn’t dropped a bit. You can gauge the popularity of online rummy merely by typing “rummy” in the search box and see the jaw-dropping number of results related to rummy games online.

Players can access the incredibly popular rummy game both in the web version and mobile rummy version. Both the variants are trendy among rummy enthusiasts as they offer exciting gameplay. Additionally, Indian rummy sites keep the audience on hooks with hotshot promotions and exciting rummy tournaments and leaderboard contests with huge giveaways. People who do not mind spending a small amount are in for a real treat with huge rewards up for grabs.

Even the cheapest Smartphone comes with features that can run quality games these days. As Smartphones continue to increase, and data prices continue to fall, more and more gamers will get online and access real money games. It would be a challenge for game development companies as the expectation and demands of players keep changing every day.


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