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It is common knowledge that the rummy game originated as a community game that was played within a circle. Later, through word of mouth, the game spread to different parts of the world. The game was altered according to the culture and customs associated with the region that it spread and it’s rules were tweaked accordingly. As of today, the rummy game is second largest card game next to poker in the world and in places like India, the game stands at Number one position. Today, globalization has made this game available online.

The online gaming industry is thriving like never before. More and more commoners are jumping into the gaming bandwagon and the Indian gaming community resembles one mammoth herd. According to a report by Google-KPMG, the number of Indian gamers online is expected to shoot up to 310 Million by 2021. Also, the gaming industry is touted to hit $1 Billion by 2021 from its current $360 Million.

Online gaming sites not only serve as a past time but are also an excellent source of revenue for the users. All you need is a Smartphone, a reliable internet connection to get started. If you want to make it big in the online gaming world, there are plenty of opportunities wide open across different specters. Wonder, where it all started? It’s always good to know a few facts associated with online gaming, here they are:

  1. Online Gaming Industry in India blossomed at the turn of the century. Prior to that, Indians did not have access to online games and had to settle for video games.
  2. Availability of cheap smartphones, reduced data prices, and expansive Internet connectivity are the main reasons as to why so many people were able to get into the internet and access these games.
  3. A lot of Indian gaming companies like Zapak, 99 games have emerged giving the users multiple options to access games for free. Users can play a wide choice of games from action to strategy to adventure, without much data consumption.
  4. Many international gaming companies have foraged into the Indian territory and have come up with unique and localized content so as to capture the attention of gamers.
  5. While games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Subway Surfer have popular with the users for some time, these are days where games with more advanced graphics like PubG and Fortnite have enraptured the gamers with their thematic environment and arresting gameplay.
  6. Card games have always occupied a special place in the hearts of gamers because of their intriguing gameplay. Card games like Poker and Indian rummy, allow the players to win colossal amounts of money at little to no investment.
  7. Of late fantasy sports have been a revelation. Though available for different sports, Indians use it mainly to play cricket. Playing fantasy sports allow the users to grab an unbelievable amount of prize money at little investment. All the players need to do is to select their team and their scores would be calculated based on the real performance of the players they selected in the field.
  8. The advancement of technology has allowed the players to play online games on the move anytime, anywhere. You can simply download rummy app for free and play rummy online from anywhere you wish.

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