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IPL season 11 – Bigger and Better

The behemoth of entertainment is back. No we are not talking about any Bollywood film or the exciting Avengers Infinity war that is about to release; we are talking about an exciting sporting carnival that has drawn comparisons with some of the most famous sporting leagues across the world. By this time, you should have gotten what we are referring to – Yes, it’s the IPL. The growth of the league is such that it’s pitched alongside world famous leagues like EPL, NBA & NFL, with respect to the revenue it’s generating. The glitz, glamour and the razzmatazz the tournament has come to be associated with is probably was never ever heard much in history.

Can’t believe the brainchild of BCCI is more than a decade old. Ever since the league made its headway into the cricketing field, it has created nothing short of a revolution in Cricket. Redefining the way the cricket is played, the league has enriched the quality of game and brought in revolutionary changes that were also incorporated in the international format. But what’s fascinating more than all this is that IPL has provided a solid platform for the underdogs to become the Kings.

From the rags to riches

Recall the rags to riches story of some of the famous cricketers of today, who found their fame and fortune through IPL? An underdog rising to the occasion and prove himself is probably a script that could never go bromidic.

Now that the IPL season 11 is back, the excitement is on an all time high with two prominent teams that shaped the league to this present level back after a brief hiatus. Gears up your nights are going to be longer, fun-filled and very exciting with the thrilling games.

On paper at least, every franchise appears to be stacked with loads of talents (both foreign & local). We are all set to witness many thrilling, action-packed moments where the best of talents go hard against to reign supreme in the most gruelling format available. Adding a little more dose of excitement to this ultimate carnival of sports entertainment is not such a bad idea?


IPL Bonanza

IPL Bonanza

Next to IPL, Rummy game is the one which gives us those edge-of-the-seat kinds of moments. DeccanRummy provides you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the tournament with a windfall. Gear up for an exciting rummy promotion that’s going to keep you glued to the seats till June 2.

IPL Bonanza comes with an exciting bonus offer that is act as a perfect fodder to quench all your rummy desires. Running over a period of 2 months, the bonus offer acts as a perfect supplement for you to walk that extra mile in rummy. Fatten your rummy wallet with this splendid bonus offer. Here are the bonus details in complete.

WeekBonus percentageBonuscodeBonus type
Apr 8 -Apr 1410% Upto Rs. 500DECCANCSKCash Bonus
Apr 15-Apr 2115% upto Rs. 450MIRUMMYBooster
Apr 22-Apr 2810% upto Rs. 500RUMMYDDCash Bonus
Apr 29-May 520% upto Rs. 1000DECCANKXIPBonus Points
May 6-May 1215% upto Rs. 450KKRRUMMYBooster Bonus
May 13-May 1915% upto Rs. 450RUMMYSRHBooster Bonus
May 20-May 2610% upto Rs. 500DECCANRRCash Bonus
May 27– June 210% upto Rs. 500RCBDECCANCash Bonus

Deposit with these  bonus codes and stack your account with cash. Your evenings are sure to be robbed by the IPL carnival, why not use your mornings to play rummy game here at DeccanRummy and increase your fortunes?

Cricket and Rummy are cool combination. The passion, sentiments and the emotions that both the game evoke are strikingly similar. In both the games, you start in a level-playing field, with pitch & toss playing a significant role in deciding the fortunes of teams playing cricket and the starting cards that influences the outcome in rummy. Both the games require a lot of practice to master. In both these games, the rags-to-rich success story, the story of uncapped unknown talent finding fame and fortune, never gets clichéd.

We love success stories. Check our testimonial section to see the players that have achieved playing here at DeccanRummy. Follow us on facebook to know about the exciting rummy offers and promotions.

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