IPL Contest: Fight for a share of 10 Lakhs with Rummy Fantasy League

IPL – the mecca of Entertainment

IPL is merely not just cricket. It’s more of a passion! It ties the country entirely in one knot. The professional cricket league which runs into 12th year has been growing in stature and prize money each year. IPL has completely changed the landscape of the International cricket.IPL Rummy Fantasy League

Though it was criticized for being showy with non-cricketing stuffs hogging the limelight, cricket has often sparkled overshadowing the controversy of ostentation. No matter which team you root for at the end of the day, Cricket has turned out to be the true winner. From the moment Brendon McCullum lit the skies with a violent and astonishing 158 in the first ever match to Chris Gayle’s towering knocks to Suresh Raina’s consistency to MSD developing a cult following, IPL helped players build a legacy of their own.

Apart from being a platform for youngsters to showcase their talent, it has also helped them learn and mature in company of International players who played along with them. How can we forget the innovation that IPL brought in cricket? Audacious scoops and switch-hitting and 360-degree hitting (ABD) became part of the mainstream cricket.

With the 12th edition of IPL about to start in 10 days, the heat and excitement are already building up. The mecca of entertainment is all set to be conducted in two stages this year as it’s coinciding with the General elections.

The next popular sport after cricket is without a doubt, Indian Rummy. The saying Divided by several factors, united by cricket is applicable to rummy as well.

Celebrating the spirit of IPL, Deccan Rummy is back with the Rummy Fantasy League 2019. Recall IPL 2018, we conducted a similar contest which was massively popular among the Indian rummy playing audience. Predict and play form that was a part of this contest was warmly embraced by many and the rummy league was as exciting and as intriguing like the IPL. Now we are back with the second edition of Rummy Fantasy league, which promises to be as exciting as the cricket league.

Coming with a beefy prize pool of  10 Lakhs, the Rummy Fantasy league promises some hot rummy action. RFL is all set to be conducted on all match days (Mar 23-Apr 5) as per the schedule of the first leg of IPL that was released.

The league consists of one tournament each day that players can play at a low buy-in of Rs. 10. The tournament will be conducted on all match-days at 9PM . The registration begins at 10AM. While registering for the tournament, the player will receive a pop-up with the captains of both the teams competing on that day. Players need to pick who they think will win among them. Their prediction will be auto-saved. Then they shall play the tournament at 9Pm and aim for a win. If their prediction turns true then their prizemoney will be doubled else they will just receive what they had won. The prize is applicable for all the players who feature in the payout list.

While the league already boasts an extremely attractive Prize-pool, what’s even more exciting is that the league offers an exceptional chance for players to showcase their talents. In order to crack a tournament like this, a player must be in its highest form, so that they can thwart any kind of threat and sustain the momentum. Considering the rapid pace at which the game has grown in recent times, we are really eager to see the turnout for this tournament. Mark the dates – Mar 23 to Apr 5 and it’s Deccan Rummy where you should be headed to! Get ready for a rummy marathon as each day promises to reward you with exciting gifts!

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