June gets unbelievable with Deccan Rummy

The month of June is one of the sweetest months in the calendar. This month carries a great significance in the calendar. It is also believed that kids born this month are very much special. The birth flowers of June month are Honeysuckle and Rose. The birthstones are Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearl. June 2020 is even much special with many special occasions to kick start. 

Yes, Deccan rummy has got more for you on the store. June 2020 can make you feel jazzy, jesting, joyful. Deccan Rummy is one of the biggest rummy sites in India. It is fast growing in recent years. Deccan Rummy values your money and time. Deccan Rummy is known for hosting fantastic rummy games and bonus offers. The rainy season has raining bonus offers for you. 

There is a very new rummy bonus promotion announced by the website every month. There is one for the jubilant June month also. Deccan Rummy announces such offers so as to entertain players with exciting rummy promotions and gaming schedules. There is just one thing you must do to claim the bonus. 

Just one, deposit money using the given unique codes. This is the right time to multiply your wallet balance. Know the bonuses you can grab this month. 

1. Jumbo June

Jumbo June gets you a bonus worth 15% bonus up to Rs 750. Use code “JUMBO20” to grab the bonus. The offer is valid from June 1 to June 30. 

2. Bounty bonus

This is a weekly bonus promotion. Players can avail special bonus offers every week with unique codes. The codes and bonus values are given below, 

There are many bonuses you can get this June. 

  1. Daily bonus – The bonus is very much special and unique in the online Rummy community. Players can win real cash up to 200% on you the first deposit made in the day. There isn’t any special code to grab the offer. 

      2. Happy hours- Players can avail the bonus every day between 3 pm and 6 pm. There is a new bonus code every day. 

Download the Deccan Rummy mobile rummy app and get into the world of rummy. A lot more to come! Come, play, conquer! 

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