Launch of the Deccan Rummy Mobile app

Deccan Rummy, the most preferred Online Rummy site In India is proud to announce the launch of our Rummy Mobile app. We are very excited to launch this mobile app as it has been requested by players for some time. As our priority has always been to deliver a flawless rummy app to our customers, the launch was delayed than we had originally planned. But you will realize the wait is worth, once you start playing rummy using our mobile app. The exciting features of our mobile app can be accessed both in the Android and IOS mobility platform. Our State-of-the-art app is made using a robust technology that will provide a classy and memorable rummy experience. Now rummy enthusiasts can play the game in both Android as well as iOS devices. To ensure hassle free gaming on the move, the app was tested multiple times for bugs and glitches. Customers can now experience a flawless rummy app to exercise their rummy skills. We have grown on an exponential basis since our launch an year ago.

Since we have set the benchmark so high without elegant user interface for desktops, expectations were high when we announced that we are developing a mobile app. True to the expectation, the app has come with fine features that are going to keep you engrossed.

Highlights of the features

  1. Top Notch user Interface

Playing rummy using this mobile app keeps you glued to our Addictive gaming interface that is made using a robust technology and advanced graphics. Download and install our app to feel the incredibly rich rummy mobile experience.

  1. Seamless Navigation

Mobile App users would require easy navigation as any complications or hassles in navigation would make them quickly lose interest in the game. Special care has been taken to provide a smooth and seamless navigation and easy Swipe Features has been implemented for the draw and discard of cards.

  1. Clarity

Because of the enhanced visuals, the clarity of cards has greatly improved. Players can now enjoy the game similar to watching a 3D 1080P movie without any interruptions. Interactive game dashboards and Play Chips with colourful designs are other important features to be boasted about.

  1. Low Battery Consumption

Customers who download apps usually face the problem of battery draining whenever they use them for long intervals. So our developers have come up with a solution to ensure that the battery consumption is minimal. This allows you to use our App on an extended time periods without worrying about battery drain.

  1. High-End Testing

Usually Mobile app users face certain difficulties such as battery drain, frozen user interfaces etc. The Deccan Rummy team have taken enormous pain to mitigate all these issues. We have tested the app many a times searching for minor glitches that could potentially slow your interest down.

  1. Low Space

Our App occupies just 11MB of your memory, which is way too slow given the rich and awesome features that come along with the game. It goes without saying that APP size plays a vital role in its longevity.

  1. Contact us Anytime

24×7 Engagement with our Customer Support Tam for any assistance is the most appealing feature that no other Rummy app has provided.

Downloading the APP

Android Users can download the app from Google Play Store and install it in their smart-phones. iOS users can download the app from APPLE store.

Search for Deccan Rummy Mobile in Play Store and APP Store and then download the same.

Players can also download the setup files for apk and iOS mobiles from our website.

You can check how to download and install the app by visiting our Rummy Mobile page.

Technical Requirements

Deccan Rummy APP is compatible with devices that run in the iOS platform that have the following configuration.

  • iOS OS → 8.0 and Above
  • Android OS → 4.0 and Above
  • Minimum Processor Speed → 800 MHz
  • Screen Resolution → Supports 480×320, 1920×1080, 1920×1200, 800×480, 1024×768, 960×540, 1024×600, 1280×720, 1280×80
  • Recommended → 1024 x 768 and above Screen Resolution
  • Internet connection→ Works well with 3G/4G data and a good wifi connection.

We have no doubts that our mobile app is a quite a unique and welcome addition for our players. The robust features of our mobile APP are going to captivate and engross you. Feel free to let us know the experience of playing rummy using our mobile APP, by mailing at Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.

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