Leaderboard 2018 update – Current standings!

New Year leaderboard 2018 is up and running. The race is on at top gear as everyone is gunning to seal the top spot.  When an awesome prize like a free trip to Pattaya is made available for the winner, it’s pretty obvious that everyone would want to finish at top. Additionally, there are other exciting prizes like iPhones, Cash Bonus and gold coins up for grab as well. No amount of game play would go into waste, as top 15 players of the leaderboard have guaranteed prizes. More than that, if you play cash games continuously you have plenty of chances to earn goodies through other means. Wondering what is it? It is Deccan Rewards! Only players who play cash games are eligible to win rewards. Spin Wheels, Bonus codes, Surprise Cash Bonus and tournament tickers are the some of the rewards available at present under Deccan Reward. So basically, nothing goes to waste by playing cash game. Forget about losing! Hit the tables’ right away.

If you have been following our Leaderboard, you would know that fights for such contests go till the last day. The race will be on full throttle till the last moment. suni28 is the leader of the leaderboard this moment. suni28 is a long term player in our site and has consistently performed in all the contests conducted by us. He finished at the top during the last leaderboard contest and travelled with us to Phuket. When asked what motivates him to consistently perform at the highest level, he mentioned that he was able to derive strength from his passion for the game. There you go! If you have serious passion for the game in your heart and skill in your mind, there’s nothing that can stop you from winning. Only with some serious gaming you can topple someone like suni28 from the top place. Isn’t it funny to note that playing rummy for cash has other perks too?

This leaderboard is subject to change as there’s still 20 more days to go for the contest to end. In practical terms, the contest is still wide open and everyone can have a shot at the top place. Do not allow slack to set in while playing the rummy game, as you risk being run-over by thousands of other players wanting to win the top place.

Leaderboard 2018


How to check your leaderboard points?

In order to check the leaderboard points you have secured, follow the below steps

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Leaderboard Tab
  • Check the number of leaderboard points you have earned in the right end at the top of the leaderboard

As mentioned, the only way you can win the this race is by playing more cash rummy games and moving to the top.

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