Lockdown phase in India increases online gaming traffic

India has gone quarantine to stay safe away from corona. Every individual in the country have been advised to self-isolate themselves. The whole of India is shut down. People are finding it hard to break through the boredom of being within the house 24*7. The threat of corona has made many huge events like Indian T20 league on hold to avoid crowd gatherings. Cinemas, Business mall’s, religious places and many other places have been shut down. Thinking of what this blog is about? Read below. 

Online games

People have actually found a better option to have a great time at home. Yeah very true! Online games are the best source of entertainment in a quarantine period. The internet boom in the communication industry has made people engaged all day. It is very interesting and easy to spend time by playing online games all day. 

While many industries in India are having a rough patch because of this shutdown, Indian gaming start-ups are having some memorable days at the market with many new gamers joining the digital gaming platform. Not just in India but even at the global level, online gaming is experience bigger yields. There’s a huge traffic in the e-gaming platform. 

Online gaming companies are coming with new promotions in their games to keep up players in their respective games. 

At Deccan Rummy

Talking to Mr. Thamarai Kannan, Head of operations at deccanrummy.com, he shares that “There has been a tremendous traffic at our site and we have received comparatively higher number of new comers within a short time period. We are also bringing in special tournaments and bonus offers to enrich the experience of playing Online Rummy. Players can play rummy tournaments every hour. Our team is working hard to rise up the quality of gaming experience for our players.” 

It seems the average tournaments a player participates every day has risen. 

Wondering why these changes are happening? 

There are many number of reasons why you must be an online rummy gamer. 

Online rummy has opened the gates to earn money by playing online. Thinking about investments? You can make in a buy in hundreds, and earn in thousands and lakhs. It’s not any market value or running meters before other runners. The race is between intelligence of players in the table. 

why rummy?

Apart from earning money, playing rummy games frequently will build a persons mind. Playing rummy games keeps people engaged and pumps players whenever down. Rummy is proven to boost a person when in work for prolonged hours. The game has a magic in to hold players along with it for many years. The online rummy is making players enjoy the game anytime anywhere regardless the time and location. 

Cards games like Rummy and poker are getting better reach in the online platform as online rummy and online poker. Both cards are the most played games in the recent weeks. 

Are you thinking about the ways to avoid boredom. Pick up your mobile phones and go the Deccan rummy website, download your mobile rummy app from the download page. You have a got an exciting rummy journey ahead. Stay safe at home! 

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