Love to Play rummy? Here’s a way to test your skills

We all like to play rummy online. Rummy is one of the most engrossing games around which can keep you occupied for hours together with its thrilling format. You need to be really good at strategizing and adapting to different scenarios. So, how good a rummy player do you think you are? Here are a few facets of the rummy games through which you can test yourself.

Play Free games

Free games are the best way to gauge your rummy skills. Sites like Deccan Rummy offer free chips with a refill option to all registrants. Free games help you to experiment with different styles of gameplay and help you arrive at a style. Test yourself in different scenarios before zeroing in on a particular style.

Cash Games

Once you have mastered playing free rummy games, you will get to know some basic rummy strategies and gameplay, then you can move to cash games. You can start with minor stakes and then move on to minor stake games. Playing low-stake games will give you the determination to win. Moreover, they will give you a wonderful chance to win super awesome prizes.

Take a Rummy Quiz

Take Rummy Quiz very often which will give you an option to test your skills. It will give you a chance to test your rummy knowledge. Answering such questions would help you enhance your rummy knowledge and test where you stand.

Without Joker

Jokers are trump cards which come to your rescue many times. It can take a place of any missing card in a set or a sequence. What would you do if you do not get any joker in your hand? If you somehow manage to win the game without any joker, then you can consider yourself a good rummy player.

High-value cards

Another situation to test your rummy skills is how you are able to tackle high-value cards. Whenever you play rummy online, you may come across this situation. You may be stuck with high-value cards at the starting hand. How will you handle those high-value cards? Would you discard them at the earliest? Would you hold them long enough to see if you get the right cards to pair with them? Either way, the way you deal with the high-value cards determines your fortune in the game.

These are the ways through which you can analyze your rummy skills. You may make mistakes, that’s the way we learn through mistakes. Learn all the rules of rummy and how to play rummy along with rummy strategies to become a perfect rummy player.


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